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11 Best Atlanta Tattoo Shops and Artists

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Did you know that Atlanta has some of the best tattoo artists in the Southeast? Use our guide to connect with the top tattoo artists & shops in Atlanta.

Are you looking for a new tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia but are unsure where to go? If so, this tattoo shop guide is for you! 

When it comes to getting your next piece of body art, you want something unique, detailed, and perfect for you. That means finding not only an excellent tattoo shop but also just the right tattoo artist in Atlanta.

The Most Popular Atlanta Tattoo Shops 

The list below includes some of the best Atlanta tattoo shops. It also breaks down the tattoo studio’s design philosophy, atmosphere, and attitude. And it features several best tattoo artists in Georgia and their notable styles. 

Picking a place in Atlanta, or anywhere, to get your tattoo requires a lot of consideration. Read on to find out all the info on the best tattoo shops and tattooists in Atlanta. 

Want to know more about how much your dream artwork might cost you? Every shop and every tattoo is different. But look at our 2021 Tattoo Costs to learn more about what to expect from prices!

1. Black Owl Tattoo and Art Gallery

Source: Okechi Furlow, Black Owl Tattoos

Black Owl Tattoos is in the heart of East Atlanta Village. It has a long history of producing epic, hyper-pigmented tattoos from its talented group of Atlanta tattoo artists. The vibe here is arty and classic, and walk-ins are always welcome. 


Standout artists include Tim Furlow, whose tattoos feature a realism flare, often in black and white with a pop of color. His portrait work features bold lines and fine detail that will have people looking twice. Roger Parilla features cartoon and manga-inspired works with shocking pops of color and light, in addition to realistic portraits.


  • Address: 1580 Flat Shoals Road SE
  • Phone: 470-765-6629
  • Facebook page

2. Thunderbolt Tattoo 

Source: Joe Vegas, Thunderbolt Tattoo

Walking into Thunderbolt Tattoo is like stepping into an eclectic whirlwind of tattoo history. Vintage tattoo guns, Japanese tattoo art, and even a shark head cover the walls. Clients describe the shop as “super chill and enjoyable.” They say it’s an excellent place for a first tattoo. 

Joe Vegas is a notable artist at this studio, specializing in Japanese and classic style tattoos that “flow with the wearer’s body.” His deeply-pigmented pieces often cover a huge portion of canvas on his clients’ backs, shoulders, sides, arms, and legs, creating a stunning landscape of color. He’s also well known for tattooing rock gods like members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Train, Motley-Crue (including Tommy Lee!), and American Playboy. 

Other studio tattooers include Saje Gary, whose gorgeously detailed sketchbook-style designs include lots of horror-inspired works, and Duel, who enjoys black and grey tattooing in a massive variety of styles. 


  • Address: 2088 Briarcliff Road NE #1
  • Phone: 404-254-5580
  • Website 

3. Sacred Heart Tattoo

Source: Tony Olivas, Sacred Heart Tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoo opened in 1994. It’s founded by Tony Olivas, a world-renowned tattoo artist who has more than 100 best artist titles. The shop has four locations across the Atlanta metro area, including its flagship store in Little 5 Points. 

The tattooists’ styles vary as much as their clientele’s requests. If you can dream it up, someone can tattoo it at Sacred Heart. Featured designers include Olivas’ large-scale black and grey pieces, often depicting historical or mythical scenes, Izzy Briceno’s blend of black and grey and pops of color in realist styles, and Tatiyana Walter’s stunning floral imagery and geometric pieces. 


  • Address: 483 Moreland Ave NE #5 (Little 5 Points Location)
  • Phone: 404-222-8385
  • Website 

4. Official Ink

Source: Official Ink Tattoo

This 100% Black-owned and -operated business has two locations in Atlanta. Multiple locations is excellent news for potential clients since the shop’s designers continue to be in high demand. 

The shop started small with locations in Pittsburgh and Atlanta but now claims international clients worldwide. The artists at Official Ink say that once you get tattooed here, you become a part of the family. Return clients come back to the shop for new pieces from their favorite artists. 

Quick, the owner and CEO of Official Ink, is known for two skills: his freehand expertise and his ability to showcase color on clients of all skin tones. His Instagram also showcases exceptional cover-up work. Clients trust Quick to take their ideas from “brain to skin,” working with them to develop new art that’s striking, bold, and long-lasting.

Other featured artists include Naomi, who works exclusively in red and black ink lettering and illustrations, and Klinic, an east side Atlanta native specializing in abstract art. He has an extensive series of butterfly-and-flora work that captivates in its delicacy. 


  • Address: Westside: 1523 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Eastside: 5045-C Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia

5. Ink & Dagger Tattoo Studio

Source: Russ Abbott, Ink & Dagger Tattoo Studios

“Live Tattooing: Not for the Faint of Heart!” enthuses a sign outside of this award-winning Roswell studio. But you’ve got nothing to be afraid of at Ink & Dagger. 

The eclectic shop features an extensive roster of artists specializing in a wide variety of styles. Their website states that a “dedication to innovation and artistry” sets them apart. A quick browse through the artists’ portfolios shows it to be true. This studio has you covered whether you’re searching for a traditional pin-up girl full-color piece or a tiny black and grey geometric shape.

Another awesome feature? Ink & Dagger’s website is searchable by style. So, you can choose what you’re interested in, find a piece that speaks to you, and discover the artist you’d like to work with.

Standout artists include David Irizarry, specializing in large-scale pieces in illustrative and neo-traditional styles, and Russ Abbott, whose gorgeously pigmented geometric designs and landscape scenes beg you to look closer. 


  • Address: 755 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite B/C, Roswell, Georgia
  • Phone: 770-518-4073
  • Website


6. Mystic Owl Tattoo


Source: Vince Villalvazo, Mystic Owl Tattoo 

Founded in 2011, Mystic Owl has a clean, artsy vibe, with a sunlit waiting room and art-laden walls. The artists at this store tend to the nerdy, with anime- and animation-inspired artwork stocking their portfolios. If you’re looking for Atlanta ink, this store is the place for you.

Vince Vallalvazo, the shop’s founder, specializes in large-scale hyper-pigmented tattoos depicting mythical, nerdy, or hyper-realistic scenes. His cover up work deserves particular attention. Vallalvazo is a master at turning tattoo “mistakes” into miracles. 

If you’re looking for a black and gray scale tattoo, Drew should be your artist of choice. His anime-inspired works of art pop off of the client’s skin in stark black and grey with occasional pops of color. 


  • Address: 646 Roswell St NE, Marietta, Georgia
  • Phone: 678-594-05333
  • Website 

7. Timeless Tattoo Parlor

Source: Di Quartel, Timeless Tattoo 

Timeless Tattoo has repeatedly been voted “Atlanta’s Best Tattoo Parlour” since it opened in 1995. Looking through their portfolio, it’s easy to see why. Cap Szumski, the shop’s founder, fostered an environment of innovation and appreciation of tattooing as an art form. You can still feel this emphasis in the shop today, from safety and cleanliness to the focus on setting clients at ease. 

The shop features a collection of artists with a wide variety of expertise. Andrew Snowden’s work focuses on hyper-realistic portraiture and figures, along with a wide sampling of botanical and nature-inspired tattoos. His favorite styles include lettering, traditional, Japanese, fine-line, and cover-up work. Di Quartel specializes in “chaotic blackwork,” a mix of mind-bending black swirls and lines matched with hyper-realistic elements. Quartel is also committed to using 100% vegan products. 


  • Address: 2271 Cheshire Bridge Road
  • Phone: 404-315-6900
  • Website

8. Apocalypse Tattoo Company

Source: Ryan Willingham, Apocalypse Tattoo

Apocalypse bills itself as a custom design shop, meaning that clients work directly with artists to create a piece that’s unique to them. The shop has a welcoming, homey vibe, with black touches to add some edge to the typical waiting room experience. 

Ryan Willingham brings more than 20 years of experience to tattooing. He founded Apocalypse in 2013 with a vision of a tattoo shop where clients could feel at home. He favors comic book and nature designs in his pieces, with a throughline of high-color and deep pigmentation in all of his works. 

One of the studio’s standout artists, Wayman Humphrey is also known as “The Madd Penciler.” He’s practiced his otherworldly sketch-like art for more than 20 years. With artistic training from several schools, Humphrey brings a fresh perspective to the tattoos of his clients. 


  • Address: 3115 Piedmont Rd Suite 201 A/B
  • Phone: 404-842-0505
  • Website

9. Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing


Source: J.R. Outlaw, Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing 

This tattoo parlor has a low-key vibe and is consistently rated one of the top tattoo shops in Atlanta. The shop’s motto is “bold lines, bright colors,” and the tattoos in their artists’ portfolios bear this out — colorful animals leap from biceps and geometric designs leap from ribs. 

For good reason, J.R. Outlaw is one of the most famous tattoo artists in Atlanta. His tattoos vary widely in style, from realistic portraits in black and grey to intensely pigmented cartoon-inspired works.

Charity Hamidullah, also known as “Cake,” has been tattooing since 2006. If you’re searching for bold linework or bright color, she is a one-stop-shop for striking pieces of art. Cake specializes in tattooing all skin tones. Sprite P.O.U.R. and MIC recognize her as an African-American woman making change within the tattoo industry. 


  • Address: 249 Trinity Ave SW
  • Phone: 404-973-7828
  • Website

10. ABT Tattoo 

Source: Todo, ABT Tattoo

This best of Atlanta tattoo shop is such a hot ticket, it’s now appointment only. If you’re looking for a piece from Todo or Mike, you’ll have to book way in advance. The wait will be worth it, though. The artists in this shop specialize in fantastically realistic tattoos, both full color and black and white. 

Todo B., the owner and founder of ABT, has been tattooing since the ’80s. Clients around the country rave about his breathtaking photo-realistic art. He enjoys working on “large scale Realism style tattooing,” including memorial portraits, epic landscapes, and fabulous “bio-mechanical” pieces. 

The studio’s other tattoo artist, Mike Bugenhagen, specializes in semi-realism, watercolor, and neo-traditional tattoos. His 15 years of experience include masterful artworks of animals, fantastical scenes, and splashes of watercolor. 


  • Address: 1182 Hwy 155, South McDonough, Georgia
  • Phone: 770-320-9498
  • Website 

11. Inksomnia Tattoo


Source: Mike Cummings, Inksomnia Tattoo 

This shop recently moved into a newer, larger space to keep up with demand. When you look at reviews from satisfied clients, it’s clear to see why. The shop’s motto is “treat people like they’re gold and they’ll come back to you,” which is apparent in the number of second, third, and beyond tattoos the artists here work on.

Mike Cummings, the shop’s owner, emphasizes responsibility in the tattooing practices of the shop. The artists are aware that your tattoo is a work of art you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. Cummings says he doesn’t have a specialty, preferring to work directly with clients to transform their vision into a unique-to-them piece. His work runs the gamut from surreal expressionist landscapes to hyper-realistic portraits.

Brian Bennett is your artist of choice if you’re looking for intricate line work or brightly-colored impressionistic pieces. His full-color pieces are often nature-inspired, full of flowers, butterflies, and the occasional Georgia peach.  


  • Address: 11950 Jones Bridge Road Suite 108, Johns Creek, Georgia
  • Phone: 678-867-9000
  • Website 

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