The Best Tattoo Artists and Shops in LA

Here is the completed list of the best Los Angeles tattoo shops based on artists, our local laser specialist recommendations, awards, and reviews. In this guide, we will provide you with the tattoo shop’s address, phone number, website, Instagram handles, and background. Check out the list of LA tattoo shops below:

American Electric Tattoo Co.

Source: American Electric Tattoo Co. Instagram

American Electric Tattoo Co. has been open to the famous Los Angeles Sunset Blvd. since 1999. The shop is owned by Craig Jackman (@craig_jackman) who has experience tattooing since 1988 and brought his craft to the United States from England to bring you one of the best tattoo shops in LA. They have been ranked as one of the best Los Angeles tattoo shops by Refinery 29, Racked, The Huffington Post, Time Out Los Angeles, and more. Book an appointment with them for your personalized LA tattoo, American traditional, black and gray work, or any other tattoo style. Check out their work on Instagram @americanelectrictattooco.


Address: 2518 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. 90026

Phone: 213-413-6530

Website: American Electric Tattoo Co.

Memoir Tattoo

Source: Memoir Tattoo Instagram

Memoir Tattoo opened in 2009 outside of West Hollywood. Tattoo artists Kim Saigh (@kimsaigh) and Shawn Barber (@shawndbarber) are the owners of the private tattoo and art studio. Memoir tattoo provides a creative space for artists who use a variety of mediums. From tattoo artists to fine art projects, you’re bound to find some of the best Los Angeles artists here. Schedule an appointment with one of their resident artists and check out their work on Instagram (@memoirtattoo).


Address: 7377A Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone: 323-272-3870

Website: Memoir Tattoo

Shamrock Social Club

Source: Shamrock Social Club Instagram

Shamrock Social Club is one of the best Hollywood tattoo shops. Shop owner Mark Mahoney (@markmahoney_ssc) has been a pioneer in the tattoo industry from the punk tattoos of the 1970s, the black and gray movement of the 1980s, and modern-day popular Hollywood tattoos. The tattoo shop’s theme is “where the elite and the underworld meet” which is a mantra to the warrior mentality Mark brings to Shamrock Social Club. Featured in many media outlets, Shamrock Social Club is known as one of the best Los Angeles tattoo shops. Check out the shop’s work on Instagram @shamrocksocialclub.


Address: 9026 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: 310-271-9664

Website: Shamrock Social Club

Studio City Tattoo

Source: Studio City Tattoo Instagram

Located right on LA’s Ventura Blvd, Studio City has been voted the best Los Angeles tattoo shop. They also provide body piercing services. This pirate-themed tattoo parlor opened in 1992 and takes pride in being a premier multicultural shop. Studio City Tattoo is consistently voted as the #1 Los Angeles tattoo shop! Check out their work on Instagram @studiocitytattoo.


Address: 11032 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

Phone: 818-769-4049

Website: Studio City Tattoo


The Warren Tattoo Shop

Source: The Warren Tattoo Shop

The Warren is owned by Zoey Taylor (@zoeytaylor) who is one of the best tattoo artists in Southern California. The Warren is located in West Hollywood right on LA’s very own Sunset Blvd. This 1950’s themed tattoo parlor has been featured in multiple media outlets stating that they serve up some of the best tattoos in LA. With years of experience, The Warren is one Hollywood tattoo shop you’re sure to leave with a quality piece of ink. Book an appointment on their website and check out the shop’s work on Instagram @thewarrentattoo.


Address: 8776 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: 310-659-3502

Website: The Warren Tattoo Shop

June Jung Art

Source: June Jung Art Instagram

June Jung Art is owned by June Jung herself (@tattoojune). She specializes in watercolor and illustrative style tattoos. The shop itself houses resident artists who specialize in color realism, botanical, Korean comics, and more. Check out June’s shop on Instagram @junejungart.


Address: 4666 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Phone: (323) 790-4771

Website: June Jung Art

Third Street Tattoo

Source: Third Street Tattoo Instagram

Located in sunny Hermosa Beach, Third Street Tattoo opened their doors in 2011. This Los Angeles tattoo shop has over 50 years of combined experience tattooing and they specialize in all styles. Tattoo resident Danny Nguyen (@noodletattoo) focuses on single needle tattooing and is known for his tiny dog portraits. The shop is proud to provide a welcoming environment with friendly licensed artists. Check out their work on Instagram @thirdstreettattoo.


Address: 333 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Phone: 310-519-7246

Website: Third Street Tattoo

Fiction Cosmetic Tattooing

Source: Fiction Cosmetic Tattooing Instagram

Fiction Cosmetic Tattooing provides cosmetic lip blushing (the hottest trend in LA) to areola tattooing. This service is increasingly important in the trans community. Those who have received top surgery and were left with pigmentation loss or misshapen areolas are finding areola tattooing beneficial to restoring their chest. Fiction Cosmetic tattooing has been featured on Refinery 29 for their lip blushing services. Tattoo artist Nora Grave (@nora_grace_tattoo) primarily focuses on lip blushing, areola tattooing, and microblading. Check out the shop’s work on Instagram


Address: 1306 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Phone: 818-384-1444

Website: Kahlibrows

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