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Vital Information About Removing an Unwanted Finger Tattoo

If you want to remove a finger tattoo, we’re glad you came to Removery for information. Our wealth of knowledge on removal equips us to clarify all of your questions and concerns.

We will explain how finger tattoo removal works and address key topics such as cost, how to remove a finger tattoo if you’ve already tried a method that didn’t work, and what results generally look like.

Can You Get Finger Tattoos Removed?

Finger tattoo removal is quite possible. In fact, our laser technicians commonly treat clients who wish to remove finger tattoos such as ring tattoos. Every day, we witness success stories as clients remove or fade finger tattoos that no longer represent who they are today.

The PicoWay laser is the only technology we recommend using to remove a tattoo. It’s both the gentlest and most effective laser that exists, which is why it’s the only one Removery uses.

How Much is it to Remove a Finger Tattoo?

Most clients who want to remove a finger tattoo fall into our small price category. Various factors affect the cost of tattoo removal, and facilities calculate costs in different ways. The ink's colors and age can affect how long removal takes, which can influence finger tattoo removal cost. Again, more faded ink is easier to remove, and certain colors like black tend to be removed more quickly than some lighter colors like lime green.
Hand with a Ring Finger Tattoo
Ring Tattoo Removal
Hand with a Lion Finger Tattoo
Knuckle Tattoo

Are Finger Tattoos Easy to Remove?

Because finger tattoos tend to be smaller, many people wonder if removal will be easier than for the average tattoo. The size itself has no bearing on how easy it is to have a finger tattoo removed. However, three other factors can influence how easily and quickly a finger tattoo can be faded or removed.

Natural wear and tear

Finger tattoos often fade quickly, and when your ink has already faded, that can speed up removal. In fact, that’s a reason many clients eventually opt to remove finger tattoos. They tend to require a lot of maintenance so they don’t look faded or blurry. That means they’re typically already lightened to some degree due to regular wear and tear.


At the same time, the extremities don’t receive as much blood flow as areas of the body closer to the heart. Increased blood flow speeds up the removal of ink by flushing it out of the body more quickly after removal treatments. Thus, even if your finger tattoo has already faded due to wear and tear, that doesn’t mean it will disappear in just a few sessions.

In short, it depends on the person. Some people have stronger circulation in their extremities than others, which helps to remove finger tattoos more quickly.

Ability to follow aftercare recommendations

The success of tattoo removal depends largely on the client’s ability to follow proper aftercare guidelines. With finger tattoos, you must be especially vigilant about aftercare because your hands typically receive more sun exposure than many other areas of your body. They’re also more difficult to keep clean and dry. Using a bandage when in the sun can be a good solution for preventing sun exposure. Limit hand washing with mild soap as directed by your technician, giving your hands time to simply heal from the treatment without irritation.


Finger Tattoo Removal Before and After


Check out Removery before-and-after photos that highlight finger tattoo removal results, our clinical protocol, state of the art technology and industry-leading aftercare help our clients have achieve these incredible results.

Before and After

How Long Does It Take to Remove a Finger Tattoo?

Time is a concern for many people removing finger tattoos. Some clients are preparing to start a new job and feel that their tattoo will make the wrong impression. Or, they may need to follow strict guidelines from their workplace about visible tattoos. Still, others wish to get rid of a ring tattoo from a previous relationship before an upcoming wedding. Ring tattoo removal gives them a chance to make a fresh start. The good news is that even if the tattoo is not fully removed by an event such as a wedding, ring finger tattoo removal can often fade the tattoo enough to make it unnoticeable. 

Natural wear and tear, circulation, and your ability to follow aftercare guidelines can influence the finger tattoo removal process. How the artist placed the ink also influences how long tattoo removal will take. If the artist inserted the ink deeply in the skin, removal could take more sessions. If the artist had a lighter style that used a more shallow ink placement, removal could happen more quickly. 

Typically, finger tattoo removal takes 8 to 10 sessions for full removal, although every client is unique. You must wait at least 6 weeks between sessions to allow the skin to heal fully. This means the total finger tattoo removal process usually takes around a year, although, for some people, full removal takes longer. 

Finger Tattoo Removal FAQs

Does it hurt to remove finger tattoos?

Bonier areas of the body tend to experience more discomfort in both tattoo application and tattoo removal. The fingers are no exception. However, most clients say they experience less discomfort with having finger tattoos removed than with the actual tattooing. The sensation feels like being snapped with a rubber band.

Laser tattoo removal didn’t work on my tattoo before. Should I try a different tattoo removal method?

If laser removal didn’t work before, your technician probably wasn’t using the latest technology. At Removery, we use the PicoWay laser, which has been proven the most effective technology in the tattoo removal field. If you haven’t tried the best, we recommend having your finger tattoo removed using the PicoWay laser. Other types of removal processes can damage the skin and prove highly ineffective.

How long does each finger tattoo removal treatment session take?

Tattoo removal sessions using the PicoWay laser can take as little as a couple of minutes, particularly if they only need to cover a small area. Because finger tattoos are normally quite small, clients are often surprised about how quickly their treatment goes by.

finger tattoo cover up

Ring Finger Tattoo Cover Up

finger tattoo cover up

Covering old finger tattoos requires negative space (clear skin), many artists suggest fading the existing tattoo before choosing a new tattoo design.

Cover Up Tattoos

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