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Revamp Your Ink: Stunning Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

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Published: 09.26.2023
Updated: 11.01.2023

Covering unwanted ink with new, gorgeous artwork is an excellent alternative to tattoo removal. Whether you want to hide the name of an ex or revamp an old tattoo to suit your new style, cover up tattooing is a highly sought-after service. Check out these stunning tattoo cover up ideas and learn the top tricks to ensure your new ink is perfect!


The Art of Tattoo Cover Ups

The art of tattoo cover ups leverages color theory and specialized tattooing styles to completely transform poorly designed ink. There are several ways tattoo artists can conceal an old tattoo. The top methods include:

  • Shading – Tattoo artists blend multiple hues of the same color to saturate ink deep within the skin. Shading helps conceal old ink and develop shadows and depth within the new piece.
  • Intricate Detailing – Many cover up tattoo designs feature intricate details to distract the eye from the original line work. For example, mandala tattoos are an excellent option for cover up ink.
  • Large Artwork – Cover up tattoo artists will design your new piece much larger than your original tattoo. This practice gives the artist more room to work and include more details that add to the camouflaging effect.
  • Color Theory – Tattoo artists use the color theory to cancel out and hide old ink. For example, an artist will use deep orange tones to cancel out blue or green.
  • Laser Removal – Heavy black ink and thick lines can be challenging to cover up. As a result, professional tattoo artists may recommend tattoo laser removal treatments before scheduling a session for new ink.


Cover up tattooing is a very specialized and delicate process. As a result, it is crucial to choose an artist who is experienced in cover ups. Look at tattoo portfolios and client testimonials before scheduling a session. Always request a design consultation first and follow the artist’s advice. The end goal is to have a brilliant new tattoo that completely hides the original. Find an artist you can trust and keep your mind open to tattoo design ideas to get the best results.

Inspiring Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Do you love tattoos but hate yours? It’s time to get a cover up tattoo! Whether you have unwanted ink on your hand or a poorly designed backpiece, tattoo cover ups are an excellent solution. Get inspiration from these beautiful before and after tattoo photos!

Hand and Finger Tattoo Cover Ups

There is nothing worse than an ugly or unwanted hand tattoo. Finger ink is nearly impossible to conceal unless you get it covered up or removed. So, if you are tired of staring at a regretted hand tattoo every day, take a look at what laser removal and cover up ink can do!

Hand tattoo removal before and after

This before and after is of one of Removery’s clients who came to the laser clinic looking to fade old ink. The original piece was of a clock. The colors were poorly saturated, faded over time, and didn’t complement the client’s tattooed arm. After several laser removal treatments, the hand was prepped and ready for new artwork. The final result is a bright, crisp, and stunning tattoo. 

Arm Tattoo Cover Ups

Arms are a common location for tattoos. Not only is this location less painful to get tattooed, but it is also easily concealed with clothing. In addition, the upper and lower arm is relatively flat, making it an ideal location for inked artwork of any size. But if you are tired of covering up an arm tattoo daily, consider swapping bad ink for something you can be proud of. Whether you want to conceal an upper arm sleeve or are in the market for a creative wrist cover up tattoo, it’s time to say goodbye to unwanted ink.

Falling in love can make you do crazy things, like getting the name of your significant other tattooed. Cover up tattoo artists list name tattoos as one of the number one types of regretted ink. For example, Angelina Jolie replaced her ex-husband’s name with the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces. This new piece is timeless and will be cherished by Angelina forever, making it an ideal choice for an ex name cover up tattoo

Looking for inspiration for a more extensive arm tattoo cover up? Check out this stunning before and after from a Removery client. 

This piece started as a poorly saturated image of an eagle framed with geometric medallions. Laser tattoo removal appointments assisted with that tattoo over up preparation. The client wanted to go from dark black ink to bright, vibrant colors. Fading the old black ink was necessary so the original tattoo didn’t shine through the new artwork. Now, this upper arm has a gorgeous Japanese-style snake and flowers in brilliant jewel tones. What a transformation!

Foot Tattoo Cover Ups

Foot tattoos are susceptible to fading. Wearing tight shoes and sweating in socks creates friction that can slowly erode permanent ink. If your foot tattoo is starting to look a little wonky, consider getting a cover up! Popular foot tattoo cover up ideas are:

  • Intricate floral design
  • Iconic images like anchors, butterflies, or birds
  • Delicate script in a flowing font that follows the natural curve of the foot


Leg Tattoo Cover Ups

This before and after photo shows a completely reworked upper thigh tattoo. The client had several tattoos above and below the unwanted piece, depicting mythological scenes and symbols.

However, the first installment on the leg was of a poorly designed female gladiator, boar, and tiger. The quality of this tattoo was well below the client’s later tattoos, making it a terrible eyesore. Now, her leg has been transformed into a realistic portrait of a Viking warrior.

Did you know the ankle is one of the first places people choose to get a tattoo? The flat area above the foot is perfect for small, simple tattoo designs. However, lots of first tattoos are picked on impulse and without much meaning. As a result, ankle tattoos are frequently covered up by tattoo artists with more meaningful artwork. Start your tattoo cover up journey with laser removal treatments at Removery. Look how this dolphin was erased entirely, creating a brand-new canvas for prettier ink! This ankle is now ready to take on any small cover up tattoo ideas like a pet’s paw print or delicate script.

Leg cover up tattoo removal at Removery Tattoo Removal and Fading: The World's Leading Tattoo Removal Experts

Leg Tattoo Removal

Back Tattoo Cover Ups

Don’t let an embarrassing back tattoo stop you from enjoying some fun in the sun. The upper back and shoulders are a popular place to get tattooed, but what happens when ink goes wrong? Cover up lousy ink with new artwork that better represents your beliefs and style! 

Zoey Kravitz had her shoulder tattoo covered up with an image of a delicate butterfly. Her original ink of an Arabic quote was mistranslated. Zoey started her tattoo cover up process with laser removal, clearing her skin for an elegantly designed piece featuring a classic dragonfly.

Chest and Torso Tattoo Cover Ups

Do you select an outfit based on how well it covers a regretted tattoo? Getting a beloved name or symbol tattooed over your heart is a common way to express your passions. However, tattoo trends come and go, so if you have ink that follows a fad more than your personal style, consider getting a chest tattoo cover up. For example, this Removery client started with a classic image of two cherries. Thanks to groundbreaking PicoWay laser technology, her old tattoo is completely gone! Now, this happy Removery client has the option of living with ink-free skin or getting a new tattoo that is more meaningful.

Chest tattoo removal removery tattoo removal and fading

Chest Tattoo Removal with Removery

Torso tattoos are another common location for tattoo cover ups. The skin on the stomach stretches and contracts as you move, leading to faded ink and imprecise line work. In addition, pregnancy or weight gain can distort tattooed images. Depending on how much the skin changes, the tattoo may no longer be distinguishable. As a result, a torso cover up tattoo is an excellent way to breathe new life into poorly aged ink.

Neck Tattoo Cover Ups

Tattoos are becoming more acceptable in the workplace. This ancient form of artwork is finally becoming recognized as a form of self-expression. As a result, employers are more lenient with tattoo dress codes, prompting people to get inked in visible places like the neck. If you have a terrible neck tattoo that you are tired of concealing with long hair or a high collar, set up a consultation for a cover up tattoo. Consider neck tattoo ideas with elongated designs with curved lines that naturally flatter the neck. Some cool neck tattoo cover up concepts are detailed flowers, minimalist symbols, and simple writing.

Things to Consider Before Opting for a Tattoo Cover Up

Are you wondering how to choose a cover up tattoo? If you have a bad tattoo, you probably want to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, several factors must be considered before setting up a tattoo cover up appointment. 

Finding the Right Artist

Covering up old ink is much thicker than regular tattooing. Tattoo artists specializing in cover-up pieces have specially curated skills and application techniques to disguise unwanted ink. If you are considering getting a cover up tattoo, start by scheduling a consultation session with an experienced tattoo cover up artist. They will explain what is feasible based on your original tattoo’s size, location, color, and ink saturation. Then, they will advise the best way to cover the old ink. 

Choosing a New Design

Cover up tattoos are usually larger and more intricate than regular tattoo designs. The new piece must have shading, color saturation, and creative line work to conceal the original tattoo. As a result, your cover up tattoo options may be limited, especially if you opt to start reworking a piece without laser treatments first. 

Tattoo Removal Sessions

While laser tattoo removal is effective at completely erasing unwanted ink, many people use the laser technology in preparation for a cover up tattoo. Attending a handful of laser removal sessions before getting new ink will fade the original tattoo, creating a cleaner canvas for the cover up tattoo artist. Tattoo removal sessions are highly suggested for people who want to cover designs with heavily saturated black ink, intricate patterns, and bad line work.

Embrace the Change: Begin Your Tattoo Transformation Journey

Every cover up tattoo journey should start with laser removal treatments. Removery is the leading provider of tattoo removal services. Their clinics are equipped with top-of-the-line technology, including PicoWay lasers. Unlike other tattoo removal studios that offer unpredictable results, Removery’s professional team of technicians can blast away even the most stubborn of ink colors. Schedule a free consultation and learn how Removery’s high-quality lasers, expert staff, and flexible payment options can get you one step closer to your tattoo goals. 

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