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Exercise After Tattoo Removal: Can You Workout After Tattoo Removal?

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Published: 09.23.2019
Updated: 02.06.2024

Can You Workout After Tattoo Removal?

How long do you need to wait before working out after tattoo removal? Great question! Typically we recommend waiting between 24 – 48 hours before excessively sweating. Exercising increases blood flow and can cause additional swelling and possible blistering to the treated area which could become irritating to the skin. After 24 hours, if there is no swelling, feel free to resume your normal workout routine. After your workout, take a shower and gently clean the treated tattoo with warm water and mild soap. Then you should put some new clean dressing over the treated tattoo.

Be mindful that exercise includes activities that involve a lot of movement or friction on the treated tattoo. Activities such as shopping, walking, and taking your kids to the park could irritate the treated tattoo. Much like receiving the tattoo, it’s best to take a guilt-free day of relaxing when it comes to caring for your tattoo removal. Questions about tattoo removal aftercare? Check out our removal aftercare page to learn more about what we recommend doing to ensure your tattoo is healing properly.

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