Because, like most people looking to remove tattoos, this particular tattoo no longer represents who she is and how she feels about herself. And this one meant a lot.

Farrah, a trans individual, began tattooing her face at age 18 and got her most recent facial tattoo (the solid black one) about six years ago. At the time, she used the tattoo as a way to cope with gender dysphoria. But now, at age 35, she says her “life has changed greatly” and she’s “coming out of this cocoon as a butterfly.”

While Farrah doesn’t have any regrets about getting the tattoo, she said the decision was made in haste and she wanted to have it removed almost immediately. Years later, instead of spending even more of her life “dealing with it”, she’s embracing a new attitude and making big changes.

Closeup of Farrah.

But even though Farrah has chosen to remove this tattoo, her decision doesn’t speak on how she feels about the rest of her tattoos. In fact, she told us of her plans to finish her back piece and quipped, “Funny that I’m removing most of my most visible tattoos and then expanding on my least visible tattoo.”

While some individuals going through the process of tattoo removal choose to do so in private, Farrah is proudly documenting her journey on Instagram for her 4,500 followers. She shares regular updates on how her tattoo is fading since her first laser treatment and is counting down the days until her next session in mid-October.

But what are her followers saying? A majority of what she has received from them has been widely supportive, but there has been a divide in her audience on whether she should remove all of her facial tattoos. Stay tuned on that.

Farrah’s two cents?

“I don’t remember what my face looks like without tattoos… Having a fresh face sounds awesome.”

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