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Tattoo Removal

How Quick is a Tattoo Removal Treatment?

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When you got your tattoo in the first place, you were in the chair for HOURS! Does it take just as long when you come in for a laser tattoo removal treatment? This is a very common question and the answer is: not even close!

With the latest laser technology that we use at Removery, you can trust you’re receiving the most effective removal treatments possible. What’s more, many treatments are over in a matter of seconds.

For example, a 2cm by 2cm tattoo can be treated in less than 5 seconds of actual laser time. A 5cm by 5cm tattoo can be treated in less than 20 seconds. Even a very large tattoo — one that took several hours or multiple sessions to apply — can be treated in just a few minutes.

As you can see, each laser tattoo removal treatment takes just a tiny fraction of the time it took to get your tattoo in the first place. Most of our clients are surprised by how quick and easy the laser tattoo removal process is. Throughout the process, we use our state-of-the-art Zimmer Cryo “cold air machine” to numb your skin and increase your comfort level.

The bottom line is that laser tattoo removal is nothing to be scared of. If you can deal with putting a tattoo on your skin, you can absolutely deal with having it removed!

At Removery, we are the tattoo removal experts. We offer free consultations and will happily answer any questions you may have about laser tattoo removal. So book your Free Consultation with us today!

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