Brian Moeller is a piercer and a manager of the Boston Tattoo Company, a renowned tattoo and piercing company. He’s been piercing for sixteen years, and he takes pride in helping clients select quality jewelry for their piercings that will really help them stand out.

Although he says he doesn’t have the patience for tattooing, he appreciates body art and has had a lot of tattoo work done on himself. He takes pride in managing and working at a company that has won recognition from the local Reader’s Choice awards and many Boston-area publications like The Phoenix for its outstanding work in both tattooing and piercing.

When he was thirty, he got one tattoo that he creatively hid under his hair—or so he thought. He didn’t account for the possibility of going bald a few years later.

“I had long hair back then. When you’re a kid in your twenties, you don’t plan on getting old and things breaking and you losing your hair eventually,” he remarks.

As his hairline shifted, so did people’s perception of him. The tattoo became the first thing they noticed when they looked at him. Brian quickly grew tired of having people constantly asking about it.

We each become a different version of ourselves as we age, he notes, so it’s natural to no longer identify with a past choice. “Everyone’s been a dumb kid. Everyone’s made bad decisions,” he says.

In some cases, a tattoo cover up provides a good solution. But for people like Brian who no longer want a tattoo in a particular spot on their body, tattoo removal is the obvious choice.

Undergoing laser tattoo removal also made him more approachable, he says. He appreciates that he can now make the first impression he wants to make.

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