Tattoos to Cover Scars

A colorful tattoo is a creative way to cover up a scar. Some tattoo artists and customers are so pleased with scar coverage results that they share before and after images of their tattoo cover up transformations. 

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Different Types of Scars to Cover Up

Understanding the kind of scar you have makes it easier to plan for scar covering tattoos. We’ll go over different types of scars and suggestions on how to approach a cover up design for each.

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Can You Get a Tattoo to Cover a Scar?

You didn’t choose to be in the circumstances that led to the scars you bear, and a tattoo is a way to take back your power. With the help of a talented tattoo artist, feeling out the design of tattoos to cover scars is the opportunity to reimagine what your body looks like.

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If you’re considering getting tattoos to cover scars, there are several things to consider before getting it done: timing, how it all works, if it makes the injury worse, and more

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Tattoo Over a Scar?

It does take some time before a wound has healed enough to be ready for a tattoo cover up. According to Healthline, “If you want to cover a newly formed keloid scar, wait at least a year until it’s completely healed. For deeper or larger scars, you might have to wait much longer for than that, like 3 or 5 years. Tattooing a keloid scar that’s completely healed reduces the risk of worsening the scar.”

Once you’ve given it enough time to heal, the time is right for a consultation with an experienced tattoo artist. They should give you a realistic picture of what to expect with tattoos to cover scars for your situation.

Design Ideas for Tattoos to Cover Scars

Perhaps the most enjoyable step of the scar coverup process is putting together a game plan with a talented tattoo artist. The tattoo artists we’ve worked with have creatively made the most of the shape, size, and texture of your scars as well as the tones of your skin. With the help of a talented tattoo artist, you can explore tattoo ideas to cover scars that make the best of the characteristics of your skin.

Portrait Tattoo
Galactic tattoo
Octopus Tattoo

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Does it Hurt to Tattoo Over Scars?

Tattooing a scar that hasn’t fully healed is likely to be more uncomfortable than your typical tattoo. Skin that has remaining inflammation or irritation from an injury isn’t ready for a tattoo applied to this area. If wounds reopen during the tattoo process, rehealing from this might distort the appearance of the tattoo design.

The longer you wait to get tattoos to cover scars, the better. How your skin will respond to being tattooed becomes predictable and manageable if the area has fully healed and the scar is set.

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