Removal Challenge #1 Tattoo Application

The removal of a finger tattoo can be unpredictable due to the uneven application on such a small area by the tattoo artist. Where some artists deposit less ink leading to easy tattoo lightening, some can just as easily deposit too much ink, causing the need for more removal treatments. Luckily for this client, the ink saturation was minimal and did not cause a prolonged removal process. In five quick laser tattoo removal treatments, she was finished.

Removal Challenge #2 Skin Type

The skin type of this client coupled with the location made the aftercare protocols even more important. As she was a darker skin type, the need to keep the tattoo out of the sun becomes even more necessary. Having a tattoo on the fingers makes this much more difficult than something easily concealed under clothing. We always recommend a minimum of using a sunblock with 20% zinc oxide; however, in cases like this, most clients choose to use Band-Aids on the area whenever in the sun.

How to Remove Finger Tattoos

This tattoo removal process was made possible thanks to our 1064 wavelength that is safe for all skin types. This wavelength targets black ink efficiently, while leaving the body’s melanocytes alone. This is why our go-to for all darker skin type clients is a 1064 wavelength. We can provide quick and consistent results for clients with black tattoo ink, with little fear of leaving behind hypo- or hyper-pigmentation and other side effects, including blistering.

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