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Removery Techs Share Tattoo Removal Tales

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Published: 08.11.2023
Updated: 11.01.2023
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Marcus Smurda, DPT

Celebrating Tattoo Removal Stories 

At Removery, we don’t just understand our clients; we are our clients. 

Our laser technicians who are the experts behind the lasers share their stories below of their own removals and triumphant transformations. From misadventures with movie-inspired tattoos to colorful sleeve sagas and wonky angels, our techs have been there, felt that, and emerged stronger and more confident.  

Angela Sarro 


This now-infamous quote from the first Matrix movie by Morpheus as he offers Neo the choice to leave his life behind in the pursuit of truth has always resonated with me. I’ve always loved Morpheus and the existentialism of the scene. What is real? Are we how we see ourselves? Can we control our own destinies?  

On the evening of July 9th, 2022, after another view of the movie, I decided that I wanted a Matrix tattoo, something especially unique; the red and blue pills in my palms as represented in the scene with Morpheus. I scoured the internet for anyone else who may have ever executed this idea and alas, I found none.  

Wasting no time, the following morning I set off to a tattoo shop I had previously had work done at with some gusto. I explained my idea, and to say it was well-received is an understatement.  

Everyone thought it was as cool as I did. Everyone, that is, save for the artist who tattooed me. This artist ruined the red pill and for some reason I allowed him to do the blue one anyway. He was an agent trying to prevent me from taking the red pill. I can laugh at this moment now, but in the moment, I was crying and filled with so much anger and regret.  



This was not the experience I have had previously being tattooed, and there was no instant Kung-Fu download to help me rectify the situation.  

Unsure what to do, I spoke to the owner who gave me some less-than-ideal DIY at-home advice to remove the tattoo. It didn’t remove the tattoo and I feel fortunate to not have scarred myself in this feeble attempt of tattoo removal. The owner offered to fix them for me at no cost, but I never went back.  

The experience and tattoos left me incredibly self-conscious about my palms and I started balling up my hands into fists. I didn’t want to wave to my son’s teacher at school, catch fireflies or engage in handshakes anymore.  

Like the ending of the first Matrix, I was determined to find a way to set myself free from the connection of the tattoos, the experiences I had gone through getting them and the feelings associated with them.  

In March 2023, I found a position at a new laser tattoo removal studio opening near me. As a career salesperson who has always really cared about customer experienced, I wanted a professional change; Removery felt like the change I needed. I interviewed with the Regional Manager, Trotter, and I explained how much I can relate to the people who will walk through the door. I showed him my palms and recanted the story of how I got them. He was kind and understanding towards me. I didn’t feel judged but accepted, and it made me feel so secure in accepting the position when offered to me.  


My partner in crime at work, Camille, has treated my palms three times now. The fading is already noticeable, and my self-confidence has improved significantly. When anyone walks through our doors, it’s hard for the story not to come up; I talk with my hand. Prior to starting laser tattoo removal, I was incredibly nervous and honestly, a little annoyed when someone would ask about the pills tattooed in my palms. Now, I can share the joy that soon, nothing will be on them. Not only did I regain respect and confidence in my own self, but I get to help people be at peace with a mistake and lead them to vindication.  

When my palms are face up and extended in the consultation room, I do feel like I’m offering our clients the choice. Take the blue pill and surrender control of the future or take the red pill and see just how far the rabbit hole goes.  

Jenny Major 


All my tattoos were done in black, then about 4 years ago I decided to get a full color Art Nouveau sleeve. I love the design, but reflecting on the colors I wear and how I look with the tattoo, it no longer represents who I am. I made the decision earlier this year to start fading it in preparation for a cover-up. A very talented artist and close friend of mine will be doing the all-black ink cover-up when we’ve achieved enough fading to help facilitate the new tattoo.  

What’s surprising me through the fading process is how much more I have liked the tattoo as it becomes lighter. The faded look gets a lot of comments, on what now appears to be a sepia-toned sleeve. It’s also very exciting to see some of the orange and warmer tones fade, I wasn’t expecting that.  


Going through the treatments myself has allowed me to better understand what clients go through from consultation to sitting in the treatment chair; I can now relate to them and understand exactly what they are going through.  

The fading achieved so far has been accomplished with 4 total treatments, done in segments. I’m staying in constant contact with my artist and showing them the progress, anxiously awaiting their green light to start the cover-up!  

Lauren Pay 


Initially I had inquired at a tattoo shop about some pricing on the guardian angel tattoo. Instead of looking at portfolios and getting the pricing I was pressured into getting the tattoo done right there on the spot. It was poorly done and over the years has become blurrier. I had asked for a silhouette of an angel, but the face is a wonky line and the wing looks as if it’s coming out the back of its head.  

The script on my foot was well done, but I grew tired of being teased about it.  



I take a few prescription medications due to Rheumatoid arthritis, so my doctor had to sign off before starting removal and expected the process to take a little bit longer due to my autoimmune disease. Surprisingly though, I’m having great results! Of course, the word laugh is the slowest to fade, like it’s just there looking up and laughing at me.  

My first experience with Removery was as a client, starting tattoo removal after looking for a business near me that offered the PicoWay laser. I had learned about the laser during a Candela training seminar in another industry I worked in and knew this was the technology I wanted to treat me. It also helped that the new studio was located a short distance away from where I was working at the time.  

I had such a great experience and passed the studio daily that I’d often stop in just to say hi or show the staff my progress. On one of those occasions of stopping in to chat, they told me there was an opening for a sales lead and immediately I asked where I could send my resume!  

Going through the hiring process and seeing how much thought and effort is put into training and continuing education on all things tattoo removal had a huge impact on me. Knowing that everyone involved with the company wants the very best for your skin, with the best results is something I can reiterate during my consultations. Being a client myself, it makes the whole process so much more relatable to those who are just starting out with their own tattoo removal.  

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