Does tattoo removal work?

Absolutely—if you choose the right technique. Laser removal is a highly effective and safe way to remove a tattoo. For most people, it can completely eliminate an old tattoo, although in some cases, the client and specialist may determine that substantial fading will meet the client’s goals best.

Does tattoo removal leave a scar?

NO, laser tattoo removal does not leave a scar. Focussed light energy passes through the skin so quickly that the tissue surrounding the tattoo ink is left unaffected. The tattoo ink is broken down by the type of laser energy used. The reason why it takes multiple sessions is so that the body has time to carry the ink away and eliminate it naturally and also heal from the small reaction caused by the ink's reaction to the laser breaking it down.

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Importance of Tattoo Removal Aftercare 

Tattoo removal aftercare will help you achieve the best possible results (and avoid any complications like hyperpigmentation). Proper aftercare plays a major role in ensuring the effectiveness of tattoo removal. After each tattoo removal session, follow the aftercare guidelines given to you by your specialist, such as the following:

  1. Keeping the area clean and dry for three days.
  2. Not engaging in rigorous exercise for the first 24 hours.
  3. Applying hydrocortisone cream as directed by your specialist.
  4. Avoiding sun exposure.
  5. Not picking at any blisters or scabs.

Check in with your specialist about any questions that arise. In most cases, they will simply provide peace of mind that any symptoms you notice, like redness, are a completely normal part of the process.


Laser Removal of Tattoos: Before and After

How effective is tattoo removal and what does a removed tattoo look like? We are thrilled to have helped innumerable clients remove tattoos they no longer want. Here are several before and after photos that show how effective tattoo removal is.

Dark Skin Type Neck Tattoo Before and After
Tattoo removal is effective and safe on dark skin
Tattoo removal work for dark, heavy ink
Heavy script is history after laser removal

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