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Vol 2: Best Tattoo Removals (Friday the 13th Edition)

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Published: 08.11.2021
Updated: 02.26.2024
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Bill Kwan, Dermatologist

Across the United States, tattoo shops heavily discount flash tattoos on Friday the 13th in honor of the haunted holiday. This has resulted in many “13” tattoos and horror movie tributes. In this article, we break down the top 13 tattoo removals based on the unlucky holiday.

Here is the completed list of the top 13 Friday the 13th inspired tattoo removals done by your local Removery technicians. From “13” tattoos to The Scream, check out this spooky list of Horror tattoo tributes below.

Freddy Krueger To Scream

From one classic horror film to another, Freddy Krueger is out and Ghostface is in!🔪 You can fade your old ink and replace it with a new piece of thrilling art like this one. Check out Removery’s tattoo cover up page to learn more. Cover up was done by tattoo artist Evan Olin (@evanolintattoo).

to learn more. Cover up was done by tattoo artist Evan Olin (@evanolintattoo).

Ode To Pan’s Labyrinth

From fallen-out ink to an elaborate Pan’s Labyrinth, tattoo artist Evan Olin (@evanolintattoo) worked some magic on Andy Large’s (@andylargetattoo) laser-treated sleeve. .

Traditional Friday The 13th Tattoo

We’ve all been there, it’s Friday evening and the local tattoo shop is discounting flash tattoos for the 13th. Your friends are all going and it’s just too tempting to resist! You end up leaving with a “13” on your ankle. Luckily, laser tattoo removal is there to help if you decide it wasn’t worth the $20. After 10-12 laser sessions on this tattoo, you won’t even know it was ever there!

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Dancing Skeleton

No more skeletons in this guy’s closet anymore! Watch this tattoo dance away💀

Razor Blade To Undead Girl

Need a tattoo refresh? Fading your tattoo gives the artist more canvas opportunities for a cover up. Hard to believe there was ever a razor blade there! 🔪 Cover up was done by tattoo artist Matthew Murray (@mattwmurray).

Pleased To Meet You Coffin Tattoo

This tattoo is dead to us! With 5 laser treatments, it’s almost time to bury the casket☠

Classic Friday The 13th Tattoo

Two laser sessions on this 13 tattoo and it’s fading away nicely! Tattoo removal is a process that takes time to see complete removal results. Luckily, that flash tattoo can be removed! “But how much does it cost? The tattoo was only $20” well, the cost of tattoo removal depends on the size of your tattoo. Check out the tattoo removal cost guide to learn more.

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Killer Krampus Tattoo

Thinking about replacing that faded tattoo with a sick Krampus? Tattoo artist Kelly Dot (@kellydotylovessoup) did and so can you! This tattoo was done by Matt Driscoll (@raptorlazer).

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Removal

Fade one Tim Burton themed tattoo and replace it with another!🎃

Undead Presidents

Undead Presidents

Jaws Hand

From a BMW logo to the classic Jaws movie. Can’t go wrong with one of the OG thrillers!🦈 This tattoo was done by Paul Acker (@paulackertattoo).

Half Wolf & Ram Tattoo Removal

Mythical hybrids are fascinating folklore stories! Tired of people asking what your tattoo is? Get it completely removed! Check out more of Removery’s before and after tattoo removal results.

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Removery has treated over 250,000+ tattoos with laser removal technology, and we’ve curated the top 10 best tattoo removal results for YOU. Check out our before and after gallery for more amazing results.

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Lucky Number 13

When your lucky number is 13 and there’s a Friday the 13th special… but the tattoo didn’t come out quite as you had hoped. Luckily, 8 sessions in, and this tattoo is almost completely removed! Now there’s more room to cover the tattoo with another Friday the 13th special! Learn more about tattoo removal here.

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There you have it, the top 13 Friday The 13th horror-themed tattoo removals! You can find an incredible artist for your thriller tattoo anywhere. Inspired by any of the artists listed but have an old tattoo that needs to be covered? You can fade that tattoo with Removery and replace it.

Check out tattoo removal near you and book a tattoo removal consultation with Removery today. Learn more about tattoo cover ups and how laser removal can help you. If you fade your tattoo and get it covered by an artist mentioned, be sure to tag us on Instagram @Removery.

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