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Removery is the largest specialized provider of laser tattoo removal in the world. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here to guide you through your entire tattoo removal process. The first appointment will be a no-commitment first treatment. One of our skilled tattoo removal specialists will evaluate your specific tattoo(s) and go over our tattoo removal process in detail. We will also review your medical history and examine your tattoo to determine the number of sessions required.

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    • We are located on the corner of West MacArthur blvd and South Bristol St, across from Chick-fil-a

Need Tattoos Removed in Orange County, CA?

Life changes and evolves. So do your tattoos. If you are ready to explore tattoo removal, the friendly, highly trained team at Removery is here to help. We use advanced PicoWay® laser technology that is fast, safe for more skin types, and highly effective on all types of tattoos with fewer treatments. You can count on our removal specialists to guide you throughout the process.

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Santa Ana Reviews

As someone who has been working in the tattoo industry for over 15 years, I am always happy to find a business that is honest and trustworthy. Thankfully, there are newer regulations for the Tattoo Laser removal process. I appreciate being in the hands of a registered nurse. The Removery facility is clean and comfortable. It feels like a place where a medical procedure is supposed to happen. The actual process was quick, easy and the pain was not as bad as I was anticipating. Alex and Alisha explained the entire process to me and made me very comfortable. I would highly recommend the Removery if you are considering tattoo or pigment removal.

Tom M.

I’ve been wanting to join the military for the longest. My tattoos held me back from every branch and I was ready to give up until my wife sent me a link to this place. As soon as I walked in I felt welcomed and was immediately help. I’ve always been hesitant to go to a tattoo removal place cause of my finances but this place really helps you out. Alisha and Alex were very nice and very helpful. They have a great payment plan available and they help out a lot for people trying to join the military. They even gave me my first session after I was approved for the payment plan. 30 minutes from walking in to walking out after my session. Very quick service and I’m very grateful to have found this place.


I went in today for my first appointment and had an amazing experience! Alex and Alisha were great, they were very informative and supportive in whatever decision I made today. I decided to purchase a removal package and remove a tattoo I’ve been wanting removed for years now. It was quick and a lot less painful than I expected! I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It is a very professional and clean environment, I look forward to the rest of my sessions and having my tattoo fully removed

Roxanna E.

Before And After Tattoo Removal

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The number of tattoo removal sessions needed depends on your overall health and the composition of the tattoo. It may take up to 10-12 sessions to remove a tattoo completely. For clients interested in fading their tattoo for a cover up piece, we estimate 2-4 sessions depending on the artist and cover-up artwork. We consult with a number of tattoo artists in the Santa Ana area. Contact us to learn more.

Before Lower Back Tattoo Removal
After Lower Back Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal Neck Before Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Neck After Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Chest Before
Laser Tattoo Removal Chest After
Laser Tattoo Removal Lower Back Before Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Lower Back After Photo
Tattoo Removal Upper Arm Before Photo
Tattoo Removal Upper Arm After Photo

Removing Your Tattoo is Simple with Removery

We have decades of collective experience, and there is no one better to trust with your skin. Our professionals at the Santa Ana location make laser tattoo removal simple, easy, and effective. Schedule your first no-commitment treatment and let the specialists in Orange County provide you with the highest quality service and care at every stage of your journey.