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Meet Meghan Elizabeth – A Model, INKed Magazine Employee & Removery Client

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Meghan discovered Removery at a tattoo convention after hearing about us through friends. In this interview, she talks about learning the ins and outs of the laser tattoo removal process, and how Removery helps her feel at ease throughout her numerous removals.

Meet Meghan Elizabeth

Meghan Elizabeth’s Laser Tattoo Removal Story

Meghan runs the conventions for INKed Magazine. We were able to sit down with her at the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention to ask a few questions about her removal progress. 

“If you have anywhere that you need to go to get the shit off of your body, you’ve got to go to Removery, that’s it. There’s nobody else!” 

How did you learn about Removery? 

She learned about Removery at a tattoo convention. After speaking with a friend about tattoos she wanted to be removed, they suggested checking out Removery. When she saw the booth at a convention, she started asking questions about the process. 

At first, she didn’t realize how much of a process tattoo removal actually is. Once she met with the Removery team and started to understand the process, she then started to understand the cost which helped her make the decision to start treatments with Removery. She told us, “don’t just stick a laser on me, I want to know” how the process actually works and we were happy to answer all of her questions. 

How would you describe your Removery Experience? 

She feels that the energy is calm and it’s not chaotic. She appreciates that the interior design is minimal, calming, and there’s not too much invading her eyesight. The laser technician gives her an icepack and comes back later to check in to make sure she’s ready to go. 

“It’s super, super accommodating, I want to go there because I feel comfortable.” 

Tell us about your tattoo journey

She’s having a few tattoos removed. One of them being a small crown between her thumb and index finger. She decided that she doesn’t want finger or knuckle tattoos right now in her life, maybe later she will change her mind but for now, she’s removing those tattoos. 

 “I have one that’s gone, she has left the building, she’s never going to come back…now, I know that it was there so my brain still sees it, but when I look, it’s not!” 

She’s also removing a name tattoo from her rib cage. The tattoo was her ex’s name which was a matching tattoo because he also tattooed his name on himself. She’s done a cleanse to remove that person from her life, and now she’s removing the matching tattoo from her body. She feels as though she may only need a few “zippity zaps” to complete that tattoo. 

During the process, she’s focused on the present discomfort, but as the weeks go by, that’s when she really starts to feel good. Watching the tattoos fade is the biggest thing for her and it feels really cathartic watching the letters on her knuckles and name tattoo fade away.

“Bye! My body is processing you, see you later ex! I’m getting this shit gone.” 

How would you describe the feeling of laser tattoo removal? 

“Everyone describes it to me as getting hit with a rubber band, but what I like to say is that it’s a spicy tattoo.” 

She also mentioned that if you’re looking to remove a tattoo, you clearly have a tattoo and know how it feels to be tattooed. Getting it removed just feels like a spicier tattoo, but you’ll get ice and be a little numb and you’ll be good to go!

Getting your tattoo removed with Removery 

“Everyone really takes care of you to be honest, if you need to stop, the communication is really open…it’s really great, I feel really taken care of when I go, and I think that’s one of the biggest things, I’m not just a number, I’m not a dollar sign, and I know a lot of places where you are, but that’s not how I feel there.” 

Can you relate to Meghan’s story? Here at Removery, we are happy to treat all of your tattoo removal needs. You can book a free consultation with a Removery expert today. Want to hear more client testimonials? Check out this video of Qcknd – a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, tattoo collector, and Removery client.

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