Post Malone Tattoos: A Guide to the Rapper’s Body Art

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Published: 05.19.2021
Updated: 02.26.2024

The American rapper Post Malone has more tattoos than most celebrities, including many in prominent places, and his rise to fame has brought much intrigue about what they mean and why he got them. Unlike many other celebs, Post Malone doesn’t just work with one specific tattoo artist; instead, he collects pieces from many different artists.

How Many Tattoos Does Post Malone Have?

As of 2021, Post Malone has 78 tattoos. He is continuously getting new ones, though, so this number merely reflects the count at the time of publishing!

Why Does Post Malone Have So Many Tattoos?

Post Malone loves the shock factor of having a lot of tattoos, including many in prominent places. He has also said that tattoos boost his confidence in his appearance. “I’m a ugly-ass motherfucker,” he has said to GQ—and being heavily tattooed draws attention to his body art rather than his looks, he seems to feel.

What Was Post Malone’s First Tattoo?

The artist’s first tattoo was a playboy bunny on his forearm. Justin Bieber’s extensive tattoos influenced him to get his first one, he says. He got it while recording his album Stoney in 2016, joking that he wanted to show he was tougher than Bieber, People reports.

Who Is Post Malone’s Tattoo Artist?

Some stars like Rihanna choose to work with a single tattoo artist (in her case, Bang Bang) in order to cultivate a cohesive feel, but Post Malone’s tattoo style is more eclectic. He seems to love working with many different tattoo artists rather than just one person. Many people who consider themselves tattoo collectors seek out work by a variety of artists, often with complementary styles.

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Post Malone’s Head, Neck, and Face Tattoos

Post Malone has plenty of face tattoo ideas. He gravitates toward tattoos that have a heavy shock value, like his facial tattoos of a bloody buzzsaw and hammer. He also has script beneath his eyes that reads “Always tired,” an ace of spades on the right side of his forehead, and “Stay away” above his right eyebrow. He has a bison skull covering his throat as well.

Out of all of Post Malone’s tattoos, what was Post Malone’s first face tattoo? A sword on the side of his face—first, because he loves swords, and second, to make his mom mad. “I figured what better to make my mom mad than getting a nice big claymore on my face,” he said in a GQ interview.

Insecurity about his appearance also seems to have inspired his vast facial tattoo collection. “I feel like the face tattoos make me interesting to look at, so where I might lack in handsomeness, I make up for in intrigue at least,” he also explained in the interview.

“His thing is shock value,” says tattoo artist Lalo Yunda, one of our affiliated artists in NYC who shared some insights on Post Malone’s tattoos with us. “I think he’s that kind of guy, and I think that’s totally respectable.”

Despite Post Malone’s enthusiasm for face tattoos, it’s easy to get tired of facial art. If you want to remove a face tattoo or cover up a neck piece, Removery has you covered.

About Post Malone’s Barbed Wire Tattoo

Post Malone also has a strand of barbed wire running along his hairline. According to the artist, he just thought it would look cool, but he has thought he might have to change the design if he starts balding, reports Hollywood Life. However, then, we might be able to see his head tattoos that currently remain covered by his hair, like a skull tattoo, a Medusa figure, and a spider!

Post Malone’s Face Tattoo: Japanese-Style Waves

On the upper left side of his face, Post Malone sports Japanese-style waves in a tattoo created by the artist Ghanji. The waves are done in the irezumi style. He got this tattoo while visiting Japan at the Three Tides Tattoo studio in Tokyo.

Tattoos on Post Malone’s Hands

The rapper has a cow skull tattooed across his throat as well. Tattoo artist Kyle Hediger, who works in LA and the Philadelphia area, created this grayscale piece, as Insider reports.

Post Malone’s Cow Skull Tattoo

What about Post Malone’s hand tattoos? Post Malone has the words “rest easy” written on his fingers, possibly commemorating a late musical artist, as he has several other tattoos with meaningful tributes to artists like Kurt Cobain.

He also has a JFK tattoo on his left hand by Victor Modafferi of Bullseye Tattoo, based in New York, due to his admiration for the former president. He has portrait tattoos on his knuckles as well, including Elvis and Stevie Ray Vaughan. On his right hand, he has a growling grizzly bear tattoo.

Tattoo artist Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena tattooed “NEVERMIND” across Post Malone’s right palm, according to Insider. JonBoy, based in New York City, is a minimalist artist who has tattooed numerous celebs.

If Post Malone ever gets tired of his hand tattoos, he can always remove his finger or knuckle tattoos, as tattoos in such spots are prone to fading.

Post Malone’s Tattoos Inspired Justin Bieber

Beiber and Post Malone have been close since Post opened for him on the Purpose tour, reports Hollywood Life. During an interview with GQ, Malone said he influenced Bieber to get hand tattoos as well. “I told him that it’s very rockstar life,” he recalled.

About Hand, Face, and Neck Tattoos

Despite the popularity of tattoos in general, face, hand, and neck tattoos remain more uncommon. In fact, some artists avoid tattooing people in those areas unless they already have extensive body art. They want to feel confident that the client will actually love their tattoo instead of regretting it. Lalo says he sees a lot of poorly done face tattoos “that are more about crossing a line.” He’s only tattooed two faces in his life, and one he regrets, saying he caved in and did it after the client spent three months convincing him. While options for tattoo cover ups and removal are available, tattoo experts recommend thinking through any tattoos for the hand, face, and neck.

Post Malone’s Arm Tattoos

The rapper has numerous arm tattoos, including several commemorative portraits of artists on his left arm:

  • A Li’l Peep tattoo on his left bicep.
  • A Dylan tattoo beside Li’l Peep.
  • A WWI soldier and knight on his right forearm.
  • A Kurt Cobain tattoo on his left inner elbow.
  • A Johnny Cash tattoo on his upper left bicep.

His portrait tattoos seem to be a way to honor the impact of artists he admires in the music world.

Post Malone also has a tattoo of St. Jude and a demon on his left hand and forearm that was created by artist Kyle Hediger, who also did his cow skull throat tattoo.

Do you have a shoulder tattoo that you want to have covered up? Fortunately, laser removal is a great option!

About Post Malone’s Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Just after he got his playboy bunny tattoo, he was playing basketball with Justin Bieber, who bumped into it. “He just messed up the whole thing,” Post Malone said in an interview. “But it still looks really tight. It looks like magma. Justin did apologize, but he’s going to have to buy me a new one,” he jokes.

Post Malone’s Chest and Stomach Tattoos

The artist also has an extensive assortment of tattoos below the neckline. Here are just a few of the most iconic ones!

Post Malone’s Chest Mural

A GQ interview revealed that Post Malone has a mural stretching from the left side of his chest to the other side of his stomach. It seems to depict a demonic figure commanding an army of the undead.

Post Malone’s Jesus Christ Portrait Tattoo

Post Malone has a tattoo of a zombie Jesus on the right side of his chest. “Jesus is very handsome, so I figured how can we make him super metal?” he said to GQ.

The artist also has a sword tattoo across his collarbone area (presumably because of his professed affinity for swords).

If you want to remove a chest tattoo or any other type of large tattoo, Removery can help.

Post Malone’s Leg Tattoos

Post Malone has a skull tattoo on his right thigh with the caption “Smoke Some,” while his right thigh bears another skull in police riot gear, as Men’s Health reports. Other leg tattoos include manga and Vault Boy characters.

Thigh tattoos for men are growing popular (as are men’s leg tattoos, in general), but if you ever regret a thigh tattoo, laser removal can help.

What Do You Think of Post Malone’s Tattoos?

Want to try out a Post Malone-style tattoo without committing? You’re in luck, as the artist offers temporary tattoos featuring the designs he sports. Or, if you have any face or hand tattoos of your own that you wish to remove, book a consultation with Removery.

About Lalo
Lalo is part of the first generation of tattoo artists in Colombia. He taught himself to tattoo using the stick-and-poke technique at age sixteen, which made him an instant hit at school. After making a homemade machine and honing his technique in the ‘90s, he went to school to gain expertise. He now works in New York at @Inked_NYC, and you can also find him at @LaloTattoos.


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