12 Shoulder Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

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Shoulder Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Looking for tattoo cover up ideas for the shoulders? Whatever style you have in mind, these great tattoo ideas might help you envision what your new piece could look like. Draw inspiration from a curated collection of some of our favorite shoulder tattoo cover ups. Removery sees clients every day who are preparing for a tattoo cover-up, and we have helped countless clients replace an old shoulder tattoo with a gorgeous new piece of body art.

What’s a Tattoo Cover Up?

A tattoo cover up replaces an unwanted tattoo with a new design. The chosen tattoo artist creates the new image on top of the old one. Unless the tattoo has been faded substantially, stylistic and color choices can be limited. However, fading the tattoo prior to a shoulder cover-up gives the artist a great deal of flexibility in terms of subject matter and artistic choice


Shoulder Tattoo Lightening and Partial Tattoo Removal


Tattoo lightening involves fading the tattoo with a laser. When done before a shoulder tattoo cover up, it gives the artist the best possible canvas to work on. If you’re interested in shoulder tattoo removal, booking a consultation with a removal specialist will give you a better idea of your options.


Letter and Name Shoulder Tattoo Cover-Ups

Numerous clients come in to have name and initial tattoos covered up. Covering name tattoos on the shoulders is much easier for a skilled artist after tattoo fading. These shoulder cover-up tattoo images show just a few of the many success stories in name tattoo cover-ups! Cover-up tattoos on the shoulders like a bold rose tattoo can completely hide an unwanted name tattoo. Feathers, flowers, and angular tattoos like star tattoos make the old name and script tattoos history.

Colorful Shoulder Tattoo Cover Ups

We have a lot of ideas for covering up a tattoo with a colorful new design. Vibrant new body art can give you an exciting fresh start! Shoulder blade cover-up tattoos make a powerful statement with their vibrant colors! Those considering covering old tattoos with vibrant colorful saturated tattoos need to consider laser as fading existing linework is essential to the coverup process. If bold lines exist and the artist covers it with color you will likely see the old tattoo through the new one.

Dark Shoulder Tattoo Cover-Ups

A dark cover-up can sometimes be easier to do, but clients usually need to have some lighter areas as well to allow for shading. Tattoo fading clients occasionally chose to remove tattoos to reduce the size required for the new tattoo. When the original design is fairly small the artist has more flexibility to cover the original lines. Take a look a how the artist of each of the following shoulder tattoo cover ups needed to increase the size of the tattoo in order to allow for enough negative space for the new tattoo.

Negative Space Shoulder Tattoo Cover Ups

Fading is especially critical for new tattoos that require lots of negative space, like geometric designs and delicate artwork with faint lines. Take a look at some examples of how creating negative space and breaking down angles in a tattoo design can add more complexity to the overall design.

Shoulder Tattoo Cover-Up Before and After


These tattoo removal before and after photos show how stunning a finished shoulder tattoo can look after fading for a cover-up.

Removery has a broad network of cover-up artists with whom we regularly work. If you don’t have a specific artist in mind yet, your removal specialist will discuss what you’re looking for and recommend options. The skilled artists in our network can create incredible designs for cover-up tattoos on the back, shoulders, and anywhere else. Take a look at some of our most

Before and After

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Cover-ups are a great way to augment your look without giving up the space. If you’re looking for some help, here are our best ways to choose a cover-up tattoo.

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