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Swimming After Tattoo Removal – How Long Should You Wait?

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Can I swim after my treatment? Learn what activities you can do after tattoo removal from the experts at Removery.

Thinking about bikini season and that tattoo you want to be removed, but you’re not sure if you can go swimming after tattoo removal? We hear you. Summer is right around the corner and this is your guide to starting tattoo removal while enjoying as many summer activities as you can!

Can You Swim After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Just like getting a tattoo, you should avoid immersing the treated area in hot or potentially dirty water until the tattoo has healed. We suggest keeping the treated area out of baths, hot tubs, pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. where the tattoo is submerged until any redness or blisters has healed. The reason we recommend avoiding submersion is to minimize contact with any possible sources of infection to your newly treated tattoo.

How Long After Tattoo Removal Can You Swim?

We would estimate waiting 3-5 days for the tattoo to heal before submerging in a hot tub after tattoo removal or in any other body of water. Of course, if your tattoo is still red, itchy, or has blistering after 3-5 days, it’s best to avoid swimming until the treated area has healed. If you happen to accidentally fall in some water, don’t worry. Just be sure to rinse the area thoroughly and gently with clean water and mild soap. Then apply our aftercare protocols as normal. If you have clinical concerns about your tattoo after swimming, please email us at [email protected].

In order to fully take advantage of tattoo removal and summer activities, we would suggest waiting a few days before swimming after tattoo removal. It’s also important to keep the treated area out of direct sunlight. We suggest bandaging the area or wearing a cover sleeve to keep sunlight from disturbing your removal progress. Learn more about the dangers of sun exposure in this article.

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