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When is the best time to start tattoo removal?

It’s no secret that tattoo removal takes time and happens over the course of multiple sessions. But is there a best time to start your tattoo removal journey? Arguably, yes: fall time! Here’s why.


For starters, during the fall and winter months (depending on where you live), you are less likely to spend time basking in the sun. Less sun exposure to a tattoo that is being removed means quicker healing time, and less time for your body to process out the ink.

Why is getting started in the fall important?

During the fall, people tend to start getting back into routine, which often includes working out. Exercising, while good for your health, also has benefits for tattoo removal. Working out increases circulation, which promotes a healthier immune system and better white blood cell transportation, which in turn means quicker results for your tattoo removal.


Hand in hand with routine and working out, comes vitamins and supplements! Vitamin C is important for immune system support, which helps with tattoo removal. During the fall time (or prime flu season) people are usually more cognizant of taking vitamins to avoid getting sick. As an added bonus, Vitamin C is a lot of fall time favorites, like pumpkins!

How does your health affect tattoo removal?

As a reminder, general health and wellbeing helps expedite tattoo removal. This is because your immune system is the key player in tattoo removal. Once your tattoo is zapped with our lasers, the ink in your tattoo is broken into smaller pieces, which is then carried away by your immune system. So remember to drink lots of water, try not to smoke, and get active to increase circulation. And start your tattoo removal now!


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