A key element of laser tattoo removal is your immune response during the 6 to 8 weeks between treatments, so it makes sense that a large part of the fading process depends on you!

Our laser tattoo removal procedure uses light energy from lasers to break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles. Your body naturally, over decades, attempts to do this same thing. Removery’s laser is simply faster and much more convenient.

Tattoo Removal and Smoking

Smoking can cause the fading process to progress more slowly. Your body is already working hard to remove smoking-related pollutants, and smoking restricts circulation near the skin’s surface. With hindered blood flow near the dermis and epidermis, there is less chance that the shattered ink particles will be picked up and carried away from the tattoo.

Smoking is the number one contributor to increased tattoo removal sessions.

It is well known that smoking has a negative impact on wound healing, cigarettes have countless pathogens in them that affect the tattoo removal healing process. Toxins like nicotine, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen cyanide have been shown to increase wound healing time. Nicotine constricts veins, causing decreased blood flow, carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen red blood cells carry to the skin. Hydrogen cyanide inhibits the enzymes needed to transport oxygen and increasing the metabolic profile of your body.

A study of over 352 tattoo removal clients at a laser surgery canter in Milan, Italy. Showed that people who smoked were 70% more likely to experience prolonged tattoo removal. The tattoo removal industry average for full tattoo removal is 10 sessions, the study showed that those that smoked could take up to 15+.

As a rule, we recommend drinking lots of water, eating a healthy diet, and taking regular exercise. This tends to keep all systems of your body in balance and to ensure your get your blood flowing.

Does smoking cannabis affect tattoo removal? 

While cigarettes have a number of toxins that directly impact the tattoo removal process. Smoking cannabis also affects the ability of your body to heal quickly. Given the same wound healing principles, smoke inhalation, in general, can cause tattoo removal to take longer.

How does Alcohol affect tattoo removal?

Drinking large amounts of alcohol can hinder the ability of your liver and kidneys to flush out the tiny ink particles that are created during the laser treatment, thus preventing your tattoo from making much progress. So, trade those beers and cocktails for large amounts of water, and your removal will go much more smoothly.

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