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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal in Brisbane

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Published: 01.09.2024

Tattoo Removal in Brisbane

Tattoo-free skin is only an appointment away at the Removery studio in Brisbane-CBD. Their award-winning staff and high-tech lasers blast away even the most stubborn tattoos. So, if you are considering getting rid of old ink, make Removery your first stop! Conveniently located in the heart of the city, the Brisbane Removery studio is across from King George Square and just steps away from the Queen Street Mall. 

Brisbane – CBD

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Start Your Tattoo Removal Journey at One of Our Brisbane Locations

Award-winning laser tattoo removal services have come to the capital of the Sunshine State! The Removery at Brisbane-CBD studio is centrally located across from King George Square and close to Queen Street Mall. Removery is always accepting new clients and invites you to schedule a free consultation. Their experienced staff of laser tattoo removal technicians will customize a treatment plan to meet your goals. With flexible operating hours, convenient payment plans, and top-notch customer service. It’s no wonder Removery Studios is the leading provider of Brisbane tattoo removal


How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal is the only FDA-approved method to erase unwanted ink completely. Removery uses high-tech lasers to blast ink molecules into tiny particles that are later flushed through the body’s immune system. Laser tattoo removal is effective at removing all ink colors on nearly every part of the body. Read on to learn what a laser removal treatment looks like at a top-notch Removery studio.

Step One: Complementary Consultation

All clients are offered a free consultation to discuss their tattoo removal goals. Highly trained technicians assess your tattoo and provide a unique treatment plan. During the consultation, you will be provided an estimate of how long and how many treatments will be required to meet your tattoo removal goals. In addition, Removery staff will share flexible payment options that make tattoo removal accessible to all.

Step Two: Laser Treatments

Most clients can get started with their tattoo removal on the same day as their consultation. First, a technician will begin by prepping the skin by cleaning the tattoo and icing the area for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, the laser technician performs a test on a couple of spots of your tattoo to confirm the appropriate laser settings are being used. The Cryo-6 Zimmer cooling machine blows cold air onto the skin throughout the treatment process. This helps with pain management and reduces the sensation of the laser. The length of each treatment is dependent on the size, location, and coloring of your tattoo. Tiny tattoos can take as little as 15 seconds!

Step Three: Aftercare

At the conclusion of your laser treatment, a Removery team member will schedule your next tattoo removal appointment. We recommend allowing 6 to 8 weeks between treatment sessions to enable the skin to heal. Your immune system will immediately start processing the particles of tattoo pigment broken down by the laser. However, results usually take several sessions to become visible. Complete removal of a tattoo takes 8 to 12 sessions on average. While your skin is healing, stay out of the sun and keep the area clean and moisturized. This will ensure you get the best results from every laser session.

Tattoo Removal Treatment: Removery Uses Picoway, the Leading Laser Technology

Exceptional tattoo removal starts with innovative technology. Removery uses PicoWay lasers for all of its treatments. These lasers are the latest state-of-the-art equipment for laser tattoo removal and one of the only machines that can remove all types of ink. Whether your tattoo is completed with dense, black, or vibrant colors, it will be no match for the PicoWay laser technology. The PicoWay operates on three light wavelengths that allow it to target any ink color, regardless of tattoo, age, or size.

Meet Our Tattoo Removal Studios in Brisbane

Tattoo Removal Brisbane CBD

Removery Brisbane is located in the Central Business District, right in the heart of the city. The studio is across the street from Brisbane City Hall and King George Square. Make a full day of your visit and shop at the Queen Street Mall, just a block away. Stop for a drink or bite of food at the Brew Cafe and Wine Bar down the street. Or venture for a tasty treat at Gelatissimo Brisbane ice cream parlor. There is so much to do in the area, so come visit Removery Brisbane! 

Brisbane Tattoo Removal Reviews

The Brisbane community has embraced Removery! The studio has hundreds of five-star customer reviews like this one:

“I recently had a consultation with Tash regarding the removal of my eyebrow tattoos. I was impressed by her thoroughness, as she provided me with detailed information and showed a clear understanding of my desired outcome. Following the consultation, I proceeded to do a patch test with Terri, who guided me through the process in a quick and effortless manner. I am eagerly anticipating the final results of the tattoo removal. The exceptional service I received, starting from the initial consultation, demonstrates that this establishment truly listens to its customers and prioritizes their concerns. It has been a fantastic beginning to my journey, and I am grateful for their amazing service.”

If you are considering laser tattoo removal, these client testimonials will surely sway your decision! Check out these comments pulled directly from honest Brisbane client feedback:

Toni – 5 Stars: “I have had continuous 5 star experiences with every visit. My tattoo is almost gone with no scarring. The laser used is very high quality and the after care is almost nonexistent. I am very happy!”

Dym – 5 Stars: “Honestly, the best experience. So welcoming and happy to help. The girls were so excited to get started after my console we got straight to it. The payment plans are amazing as well. 10/10 would recommend it to everyone.”

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

Are you curious to learn more about laser tattoo removal? Check out the top six most frequently asked questions about removing tattoos.

Can tattoos be 100% removed?

Most tattoos can be removed entirely. Three primary factors impact 100% removal. Ink colors, skin type, and overall health can affect the efficacy of tattoo laser removal. However, all factors are discussed during your free consultation with a Removery laser technician. You will be provided with realistic expectations before starting treatment.

How much does it cost to fully remove a tattoo?

Pricing for laser tattoo removal varies based on the size and placement of your tattoo. In addition, your removal goal can impact the cost of treatment. For example, some clients visit Removery for laser treatments to fade their tattoos to make the process of getting a cover-up tattoo easier. However, others dream of perfectly clear skin and, in that case, require more laser treatments at a more significant expense.

Does removing a tattoo hurt?

One of the biggest blockers preventing people from getting laser tattoo removal is a fear of pain. A common misconception is that laser tattoo removal is excruciating. However, most clients only report minor discomfort. The sensation is similar to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. Treatment sessions are concise, and Removery laser technicians use several pain management options to alleviate discomfort, including the Cryo-6 Zimmer cooling machine and ice packs. Tattoo laser removal is non-invasive, and you can resume regular life activities immediately after treatment. In fact, most Removery clients schedule tattoo laser treatment during their lunch break!

How long will a tattoo removal session take?

On average, clients are in a Removery studio for 30 minutes. This time includes prepping the skin and scheduling a follow-up appointment. Tattoos are treated with lasers for as little time as possible. Extra small tattoos can take as little as 15 seconds! During the initial consultation, a laser technician will provide an approximate treatment length per session so that you can prepare in advance. Removery understands everyone’s tolerance levels vary, and staff is very sensitive to client needs.

How many locations do you have in Brisbane?

Removery has one laser tattoo removal studio in Brisbane located in the Central Business District. However, due to the popularity of services and raving client reviews, Removery is actively planning to open additional locations in Brisbane. 

Who performs the tattoo removal at your Brisbane clinics?

Tash leads the Removery Brisbane clinic. Tash has over seven years of experience in laser tattoo removal and is passionate about helping clients meet their tattoo removal goals. Additional Brisbane Removery staff members, Terry and Rochelle, are expertly trained and look forward to consulting with you! The Removery studio is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday. All laser technicians have had 160 hours of rigorous, focused laser tattoo removal training in laser technology and safety.

Dr Josh Weitz Dr. Josh Weitz Board Certified Physician

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