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Laser Tattoo Removal Price Factors

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Published: 11.09.2020
Updated: 11.22.2023
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Bill Kwan, Dermatologist

Laser Tattoo Removal Price Factors


Learn how tattoo removal is priced, based on factors like size.


Tattoo removal cost is a big consideration for most people who are tired of seeing their outdated body art in the mirror. As you look at that old tattoo from the summer before college, you may find yourself wondering how much it costs to get a tattoo removed.

Most people have to weigh the price of tattoo removal against their important reasons for removing the tattoo. An old tattoo can act as a constant reminder of a certain chapter of your life, like a past relationship. Or, you may be starting a new job that has strict requirements for body art. Or, maybe you just wish you’d chosen an artist more carefully instead of strolling into the closest tattoo studio with your high school buddies. 

For some people, it’s all of the above!


Laser tattoo removal is a safe treatment option as long as you are generally healthy and aren’t currently pregnant or nursing. Talk with your doctor if you have any chronic medical conditions that could affect your tattoo removal. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t go in for procedures with sunburned skin or an unhealed wound. 

Beginning laser tattoo removal can allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin again. However, you probably want to find out the average cost of tattoo removal before you take the plunge. How expensive is tattoo removal? Let’s take a look at what determines the total cost.


Tattoo Removal Size Photo Examples

Removery determines tattoo removal cost by measuring the size or your tattoo. Those interested in complete tattoo removal and fading have affordable package options available for all sizes.
Small Tattoo Removal Size Example // 1 - 4 inches
A Ring Finger Tattoo Is A Small Tattoo Removal Size Example
Medium Tattoo Removal Size Example // 4 - 9 inches
A Wrist Tattoo Is A Medium Tattoo Removal Size Example
Tattoo Removal Cost guide from Removery Tattoo Removal and Fading
Large Tattoo Removal Size Example // 9+ Inches
A Chest Tattoo Is A Large Tattoo Removal Size Example

Average Price of Tattoo Removal in the United States


What’s the average tattoo removal price? The average cost of tattoo removal is $3,500 for complete laser tattoo removal, though prices can end up being more or less. If your eyes just fell out of your head in shock, keep in mind this is just an average range that includes every single tattoo removal treatment session – the price is completely dependent on a list of factors that affect safety and the time needed for removal. The reality is that there is no one size fits all cost for tattoo removal.

To get a better and more accurate picture of how much tattoo removal could cost for you, let’s discuss how the actual cost of tattoo removal is calculated. 


How Tattoo Removal Price Is Calculated


The cost of tattoo removal varies based on size, color, tattoo age, and other factors. Tattoo removal cost is calculated by size and desired tattoo removal result. What that means is that the number of sessions, which is dependent on protocol and technology used, accounts for tattoo age, color, depth, and density. Your tattoo removal price will most strongly depend on the number of sessions required. Typically, tattoo removal takes Eight to ten sessions, and the total tattoo removal cost will depend on the total number of sessions required.  

Regardless of the details of your situation, Removery is well equipped to handle any type of tattoo removal. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the main factors that determine the cost of tattoo removal to give you a better sense of what your tattoo removal journey might look like. Keep in mind that the specific price will vary by region depending on factors like the cost of living in your area. 


Factor 1 – Tattoo Age and Ink Quality


A tattoo’s pigment tends to fade over time, meaning an older tattoo is easier to remove. A newer tattoo will usually be bolder and brighter, which means it takes more sessions to break up the pigment. This affects the cost of laser tattoo removal. 

The ink quality also plays a role in determining tattoo removal costs. High-quality ink is made to last longer, so it takes longer to break up and flush out of the skin during removal than low-quality ink. This can also affect tattoo removal prices. 

Additionally, the strength of your individual immune system influences how quickly your tattoo fades once you begin laser tattoo removal, and thus, your tattoo removal price. A stronger immune system typically eliminates the ink from the skin faster after treatments, which could influence the total charge for your treatments.


Factor 2 – Tattoo Color and Size


The color of your old tattoo affects how easy it is to remove. Which colors are the easiest and hardest to eliminate?


  • Lighter colors, like light blue and green, yellow, and orange, are in some cases the toughest to remove
  • Black, brown, dark blue, and darker green are easier to remove
  • Turquoise is the toughest to get rid of because most clinics don’t have lasers that target it effectively.

Black tattoos tend to be easier to remove than colorful ones because they absorb all wavelengths of the lasers used. Tattoos with different colors often require lasers with different wavelengths, depending on what wavelength the pigment absorbs, making their removal more complicated. Contrary to what you might expect, darker colors tend to disappear faster than lighter hues. These factors will help guide your tattoo removal cost.

For many clinics, blues, greens, and purples are difficult to remove. However, Removery has the color tattoo removal  technology to effectively remove all colors of tattoo ink. Recent evolutions in laser tattoo removal equipment allow us to handle any type of tattoo from any client who comes into our clinic. Our laser technology treatments can remove all shades of blue, green, and purple, including turquoise, teal, lime green, and more. 

Tattoo size also influences tattoo removal pricing, as larger tattoos take more time to remove tattoo ink across more surface area. 


Factor 3 – Location of Tattoo


Your tattoo’s location on your body plays a big role in determining laser tattoo removal costs as well. Why? Location affects how long the tattoo takes to remove (i.e., how many sessions you need). When a tattoo is faded through laser-removal treatments, the pigment in the subcutaneous layer of skin called the dermis is broken up. Then, the white blood cells work to purge the small ink particles from the skin.

Certain areas of the body have more blood flow because they’re closer to the heart, which speeds this process along. That means the body flushes out the tattoo ink more efficiently after laser treatments. For example, removal tends to be faster on the torso, neck, and upper arms than on the fingers or toes. Tattoos on the extremities—the hands, lower arms and legs, and feet—usually take longer to fade because they don’t receive as much blood flow. The price of tattoo removal can fluctuate depending on these circulation differences.

Tattoo Removal Sizing Guide

Extra Small

Up to 1, about the size of a quarter


Up to 4, about the size of a silver dollar


Up to 9, about the size of a dollar


Up to 16, about the size of a post card

Extra Large

Up to 25, about the size of a rack card

Extra Extra Large

Up to 100

Financing Options for Your Tattoo Removal Treatment


Buying a package rather than paying per session can sometimes reduce the overall costs of tattoo removal, depending on the number of sessions you need. If you only need partial fading for a coverup, that will cost less, too.


Tattoo removal companies have different methods of calculating fees


  • Tattoo Removal Priced By Inch
  • Tattoo Removal By Size Category (e.g., knuckle, hand, sleeve)
  • Flat Rate Per Removal Session


Some companies charge $10–25 per inch for removal. Someone removing a 36-square-inch tattoo might pay $400 for a session, whereas someone with a 4-square-inch tattoo might pay $175. Usually, the more inches you pay for, the less you pay per inch. Other companies charge by size category. For example, they might charge $100 for a knuckle tattoo, $200 for a tattoo on the top of the hand, $300 for a quarter sleeve, and $400 for a half sleeve. Again, prices vary by geographic location.

At Removery, we understand that many people are undergoing financial stress due to the current economic situation in this time of crisis. Tattoo removal prices can be tough for many people to afford all at once. Therefore, we offer tattoo removal financing through various payment plans, ranging from six months to five years, to make your decision a little easier. When removing tattoos, cost shouldn’t hold you back. Our aim is to help you move on with your life rather than putting your life on hold. We also pride ourselves on fair tattoo removal pricing options that give you access to the highest quality service.

Additionally, if removal takes fewer sessions than expected and you’ve purchased a package, we’ll refund the remaining sessions. If it takes longer than ten sessions, we’ll provide up to six more treatments at no additional cost.


Our Laser Tattoo Removal Technology


Our state-of-the-art Candela PicoWay® laser is very safe for tattoo removal. We use FDA-approved laser laser tattoo removal technology that has minor or no side effects. Thus, many medical doctors use and recommend this treatment method. Our PicoWay® laser can handle all colors because it can produce different wavelengths depending on the color being removed. We find that we can remove most colors in around ten sessions.

During removal procedures, the PicoWay® laser quickly moves in and out of the skin at a trillionth of a second (a picosecond) at any location on the body, making it the most effective treatment method out there when operated by a trained Removery specialist. While other treatment options can lead to scarring, the PicoWay® laser keeps skin looking and feeling great.

Because the PicoWay® laser uses a photo-acoustic rather than photovoltaic approach, it avoids overheating the skin. Instead, it uses sound waves to shatter the ink into tiny particles that the white blood cells can flush out of the body—no scarring or intense pain involved.


Laser Tattoo Removal Outlook at Removery!


When removing a tattoo, the cost is obviously an important consideration. But laser tattoo removal doesn’t need to break the bank or feel stressed. Now that you understand more about how color, location, size, and other factors will affect your tattoo removal price, ask yourself whether you’re ready to take the next step.

Ready to begin tattoo removal at our clinic and feel at home in your own skin—or do you have a few more questions? Wondering how many sessions it takes to remove a tattoo or what to expect at those sessions? Sign up for a schedule your free tattoo removal estimate so we can discuss the specifics of your situation and the pricing of your treatment sessions. A laser removal specialist will contact you to discuss tattoo removal pricing and set up a financing plan if need be, making your journey as easy and stress-free as possible!


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