A challenge we often have as removal specialists is explaining to clients that all tattoo where not created equal. We firmly believe that understanding the tattooing process is a large part in why we give our clients such great tattoo removal before and after photos. Understanding the process of how a tattoo is applied gives us a unique insight to the exact needs of each style of tattooing and what it requires for the best removal possible.

Challenge #1 Tattoo Placement

This client is a great example that even on the same body, tattoos will remove at different rates depending on ink type, and placement by the artist. This client had three different tattoos in varying styles. The dolphin tattoo pictured, was the least saturated of the three, leading to its speedy removal. The other two tattoos were heavily saturated, the artist(s) deposited more ink into the tattoo to achieve the desired results. Where there is more ink, more treatments are typically required.

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