Full Stomach Tattoo Removal | 6 Sessions Before & After

This client had a successful removal after six short laser technology treatment of her belly button tattoo using the PicoWay laser technology.

Challenge | Skin Type

Even with careful consideration and expertise, sometimes client’s melanocytes will react negatively to treatments. In the case of this client, she did have one treatment that presented hypopigmentation. Luckily after the application of vitamin e oil, and a 12-week break from laser treatments, her hypopigmentation cleared and we were able to leave her with her natural skin tone intact, and tattoo gone.

How to Remove Stomach Tattoos

This client was in search of full removal of this unwanted stomach tattoo orbiting her bellybutton, and that is exactly what she got. To deliver this result the PicoWay laser was used for 6 treatments. The PicoWay has the ability to deliver laser energy deep into the dermis, causing the ink to shatter into tiny particles. While Nanosecond technology is not the newest addition to the tattoo removal industry, it has proven itself as a reliable and effective way to remove unwanted ink.

What to Expect When Removing Your Stomach Tattoo

One of the hardest jobs we have as a tattoo removal company is managing client expectation, and guiding clients in the right direction. Much like a doctor advising against diagnosing yourself with Web MD, we advise our clients to have an open mind about what laser will be best for there specific needs.

At Removery we have carefully selected the most effective group of lasers available to provide every person with the absolute best removal available.

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