Removery is the largest specialized provider of laser tattoo removal in the world. We’re here to guide you through your entire tattoo removal process. Your first appointment will be a no-commitment consultation. During this time we get to know you and your tattoo(s). We will also evaluate your ink and medical history to determine the treatment plan best suited for you.

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Getting Tattoos Removed In Albany

Things change. So does how we feel about our tattoos. At Removery, we know because we’ve been there. If you are ready for tattoo removal, our highly trained Albany specialists are here to help. Our PicoWay® laser systems are faster, more comfortable, and require fewer treatments on all types of tattoos. You will be totally at ease with our team every step of the way.

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Removery Client Reviews

I found about this place online and immediately purchased one session. The girls were super nice and went in depth about the process. My session maybe took 10 seconds or less. I went in to remove my finger tattoo. The photo is before and immediately after. It was incredibly easy and pain was just like a rubber band snapping. So not bad at all.

Zarina Jafry

I had a great experience visiting this location and both the techs were very nice and professional. they made me feel welcomed. I wasn't happy with the results at another location, didn't feel the right vibe from that place so I decided to give it another shot somewhere new. I'm glad I did. I had my first treatment (4th technically) at this new location, and I'm glad I decided to stop by and check it out for myself. The pricing options are very affordable, and felt no pressure to go either way with my decision. I'll be coming back again for next session for sure.

John Fredrick

Fantastic package deals, very nice and clean place. So excited I found It!

Rachel Gettings

Before and After Gallery

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The number of sessions you will need to remove your tattoos completely will vary and depend on factors like the overall health and composition of your tattoos. On average, it takes 10 to 12 sessions. If you are looking to fade your tattoo for a cover up piece, we estimate 2-4 sessions depending on the artist and cover up artwork. We consult with some of the top tattoo artists in the Albany area. Contact us to find out more.

Before Lower Back Tattoo Removal
After Lower Back Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal Neck Before Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Neck After Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Chest Before
Laser Tattoo Removal Chest After
Laser Tattoo Removal Lower Back Before Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Lower Back After Photo
Tattoo Removal Upper Arm Before Photo
Tattoo Removal Upper Arm After Photo

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Good information. No hassles. Just decades of collective experience. Schedule your first no-commitment treatment and let the specialists at Removery Albany provide you with the highest quality service and care at every stage of your tattoo removal or fading journey.