With more locations, shared technical expertise, and best practices across our tattoo removal network, we are able to provide our clients with the best results and highest quality service and care at every stage of their tattoo removal or fading journey.

How We Do It

The tattoo removal specialists at Removery are highly trained in the most advanced laser tattoo removal equipment and procedures. We use PicoWay® laser technology that makes our work as fast, effective, and comfortable as possible. With PicoWay® we are able to reduce the number of treatment sessions and target any tattoo no matter the ink colors used or skin type.

Our Technology

Who We Help

People choose to remove or fade tattoos for a variety of reasons. It may be to free up room for a new piece, to remove an old memory, or to suit a new lifestyle. For all clients, complete removal or fading can be a process of growth and empowerment. Whatever the motivation for tattoo removal or fading, our Removery tattoo removal specialists ensure you are comfortable, safe, and supported throughout your process.

Giving Back

Where We Are Going

Removery is working to normalize tattoo removal and reduce the stigma of laser tattoo removal and fading. We are constantly expanding, to give more people access to our services. Removery works directly with our laser manufacturers to remain at the forefront of new technologies. We also partner with tattoo artists across the country to help guide you through the removal process, especially if you are looking to make more space for a new tattoo or do a cover up.


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