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Can You Tattoo Over a Removed Tattoo?

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Published: 02.14.2019
Updated: 02.06.2024

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive process that removes tattoo ink while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Essentially, the laser will break apart ink particles from the dermis into tiny fragments for the white blood cells to carry away through the immune system. With time and continued laser sessions, a tattoo will fade enough for an artist to cover it up.

This is a great option for those who want to redo their tattoos. We recommend working with a tattoo artist to fade the tattoo to the point where it can be covered up with a new tattoo design. Getting a tattoo faded allows the artist more opportunity and canvas to create the best possible cover up.

How Long After Tattoo Removal Can You Get a Cover-Up?

In most cases, it typically takes 3 – 5 sessions to fade it enough for a cover up. However, we always recommend working with a reputable tattoo artist to make sure it’s light enough in order for the artist to achieve the artwork they had in mind.

Removal and Cover Up FAQ's

Can you tattoo over laser tattoo removal?

Yes! Laser tattoo removal will fade your old tattoo while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Tattoo fading is ideal for clients who want to replace their older ink with a new piece of art. On average it takes 3 – 5 sessions to see tattoo fading results. It’s always recommended to work with a tattoo artist to determine when your tattoo is faded enough to perform the cover up. Learn more about tattoo cover ups after laser removal below.

Can you get a tattoo after laser removal?

Yes! It’s best to allow your body 6 weeks to 6 months before opting for a cover up. This is because your body’s immune system will still be working hard to remove the ink particles from your skin, so it’s best to allow your body time for the immune system to return to normal. This is to ensure that your new tattoo does not fade away. We always recommend working with a tattoo artist to determine when your tattoo is faded enough to perform the cover up.

What's the skin like after laser tattoo removal?

Your skin will return to normal. Laser tattoo removal does not cause damage to the surrounding tissue so your skin should heal normally. Does it scar? Nope! Laser tattoo removal does not cause scarification. We have aftercare protocols to ensure your tattoo is healing properly. Check out our aftercare page to learn more about the healing process.

How Soon Can You Tattoo Over Laser Removal?

Once the tattoo removal process is completed, it’s best to wait at least 6 weeks before getting a new tattoo on the treated area. Many artists will suggest waiting 6 months before receiving the cover up. This allows the body time between removal sessions to ensure that the immune system has slowed down and the new tattoo will not be removed along with the old ink.

Many people cover their old work, why not give it the best possible outcome? Check out our cover up page and learn more about cover up tattoos by tattoo artists that we partner with.

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