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INK-nitiative Feature: Lindsay Ferraro-Domestic Abuse Survivor

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Published: 11.16.2020
Updated: 09.23.2023


INK-nitiative is a community outreach initiative designed to provide safe, effective, and free tattoo removal on the hands, neck, and face for those in need and who were formerly incarcerated, gang members, survivors of human trafficking and those who wish to remove hate symbols or racist tattoos. For every paying person who completes their tattoo removal journey, Removery will provide a removal service for someone who qualifies for the program.

Disclaimer: All INK-nitative applicants must have a demonstrated history of exemplifying our core values (trustworthy, passionate, focused, purposeful, effective). They also must provide a recommendation letter from an official advocate in order to qualify for the program. After the application process, we meet with each individual applicant and determine qualifying candidates.

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Why This Abuse Survivor Turned to INK-nitiative for Tattoo Removal

Lindsay Ferraro ended up in a coma for 11 months after her ex-husband nearly beat her to death on November 10, 2016. Upon finally waking up on September 8, 2017, she had to begin intensive physical therapy to relearn everything from speaking to walking.

Lindsay, who lives in Massachusetts, had a tattoo of a wedding ring on her ring finger. She once thought it would be there forever. Now, she can’t wait until it’s completely gone.

Leaving the Past Behind

The ring tattoo was a constant reminder of the person who nearly ended her life.

“I said, I gotta get rid of it,” she asserts. “I don’t want to remember what I’ve been through. I want to be strong.”

Today, it’s almost gone. We’ve been working with Lindsay to remove her tattoo through our INK-nitiative program, and now it’s barely noticeable.

Lindsay has many other tattoos, which she has no desire to get rid of. “I love all my tattoos. I used to get a new tattoo every year for my birthday,” she says. She started with roses on her shoulders and has accumulated at least 18. Her favorite tattoo is one on her forearm that she did herself, featuring male and female faces.

A very creative person, Lindsay has always loved to draw, but has more recently turned toward painting. She also writes, and she’s working on a book about her story with the goal of helping other abuse survivors.

Focusing on the Future

Above all, Lindsay has remained steadfastly optimistic and determined. “No matter what I’ve been through, I’m still growing in life,” she affirms. “And I’m getting stronger and stronger.” Removing the tattoo is helping her stay focused on growth and healing, not on the past.

She felt nervous about going in for laser treatment at first, but she says the sessions feel easier and easier, especially as she sees her former tattoo vanish. For anyone else whose tattoo reminds them of past trauma, removal can be an important part of moving forward in life, she says.

Lindsay is very excited about learning to walk again and maybe even relearning to drive. She’s been working on learning to walk over the past year, slowly building up strength in her legs. She’s been using a walker, but is now progressing to a cane. “I’m slowly getting there,” she says.

Her journey to recovery has been getting easier, too. She’s able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and she’s keeping her eyes focused on it, day after day.

Looking for tattoo removal options? Our INK-nitiative program handles tattoo removal work for people whose tattoo reminds them of past trauma. We remove tattoos on survivors of abuse or human trafficking, as well as former gang members, people reentering society after prison, and those with hate tattoos. If you think you might be eligible, apply now!

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