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Published: 08.23.2021
Updated: 02.26.2024
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Bill Kwan, Dermatologist

Can A Face Tattoo Be Removed? 

Laser tattoo removal works by targeting the ink particles within the dermis of your skin and breaking them apart into tiny pieces for your body’s immune system to naturally digest. 

You might ask “is it safe to remove tattoos from the face?” and the answer is, yes! Safety is always our number one priority. Our expert technicians will analyze the tattoo and ensure it is not within the orbital bone. 

Clients will also wear metal eye shields to protect their eyes while treating the surrounding facial tattoos. Tattoos around the orbital bone can be removed such as teardrops or microbladed eyebrows, but tattoos within the orbital bone will not be treated. 

You might also ask, “will it scar?” No! Tattoo removal does not cause scarring. Once treated, our technicians provide you with aftercare protocols to ensure your tattoo is healing nicely. Learn more about tattoo removal aftercare  to ensure your treated ink heals properly. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “but is it painful?” and truthfully, it’s tolerable. Just like getting a tattoo, placement matters. 

Our technicians use ice and a Zimmer machine that blasts cold air onto the skin while lasering to numb the treated area. It’s also important to take into consideration that a single laser tattoo removal session is a lot quicker than receiving the tattoo. Therefore, we ensure that your tattoo removal is not only safe and effective but quick and tolerable.

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Face Tattoo Before and After Results

The following face tattoo removal before and after results show just how life-changing tattoo removal can be.

Tattoo artist Josh Riley (@joshril3y) saw his tattoo removed after just two laser treatments on his chin and now he looks like a new man! 

This client saw his tattoos removed after 7 laser treatments on his facial tattoos! One more treatment for “love” and we wouldn’t even know he had tattoos…or did he?👀

Not only do facial tattoos alter your physical appearance, but it is often looked down upon by society. Which is one reason why we developed the INK-nitiative program.

INK-nitiative is our community outreach program that is designed to provide free tattoo removal for those who have tattoos on the hands, neck, and face and who were incarcerated, ex-gang members, human trafficked, domestically abused, or have hate speech tattoos. The goal is to help clients who are rehabilitating by removing society’s stigmas so that they can positively change and move on from the past.

This client joined Removery’s INK-nitiative program after spending a portion of his life incarcerated. The tattoo served as an unwanted reminder of his past which makes it difficult for people to transition back into society. Through the program, we were able to remove that barrier and help in his rehabilitation.

See more before and after tattoo removal results at the gallery below.
Before and After Gallery

Facial Tattoo Removal FAQ

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Face Tattoo Removed?

There are several factors that will impact the price of removing face tattoos. The size, color, placement, and age of your tattoo will determine the overall cost of removal. You can learn more about tattoo removal costs on our website.

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How Many Sessions Does it Take to Remove a Face Tattoo?

On average it takes around 10-12 sessions to see complete removal results. This is due to your body gradually digesting the ink over time. However, facial tattoos often have faster results due to the head and neck having a large vascular supply.

The closer a tattoo is to the heart or circulation, the quicker it will be removed. This is due to your white blood cells being able to carry away more ink particles to be flushed naturally through your body’s immune system. This ultimately results in clients who have facial tattoos having a higher success rate for complete removal.

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Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Clients who have removed facial tattoos have mentioned that it’s comparable to receiving the initial tattoo. It’s a quick and tolerable pain that is worth the few seconds of discomfort for a lifetime of ink-free skin.

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