US Army Tattoo Policy

The US Army updated their tattoo policy for all unlisted and officer personnel in 2022.

What You Need To Know About Tattoos in the Army

The Army tattoo regulations, which can be found in detail here, were updated in 2022, though they are still some of the most stringent in all military branches. Prior regulations limited the number of visible tattoos to four, and none of those could be any larger than the soldier’s hand.

Tattoo Content

What’s Not Allowed

The content of allowed tattoos has not changed. Any indecent, violent, racist, sexist, or vulgar Army tattoos are prohibited no matter where they are on the body. This includes tattoos with exposed nudity, gang affiliations, anti-government statements, or glorified violence. Determining whether a tattoo violates Army tattoo regulations is up to the soldier’s commanding officer. If you think your tattoo does not represent the US Army’s values, find a location and book a time to speak with one of our laser specialists.


Tattoo Location

Where’s It Not Allowed

Army tattoo policy prohibits tattoos on the head, face, neck above the t-shirt collar, wrists or hands other than one ring tattoo per hand that must rest where a normal ring would. Army tattoo policy also states that leg tattoos must be two inches below or above the knee. Even small Army tattoos must abide by this Army tattoo policy. The previous policy, which stated that no more than four tattoos could be visible below the knee or the elbow, has been retracted. If your tattoo is on the hand, neck or face, find a location and book a time to speak with one of our laser specialists.

Permanent Makeup

Army tattoo regulations state that permanent makeup is only allowed on women and must be conservative.

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Laser Removal for Tattoos that Violate Army Policy

If you plan to join the Army, you should speak to a branch representative to ensure your tattoos abide by Army tattoo policy and that any tattoos in the military you plan to get will also conform to Army tattoo regulations. If your Army tattoos are in violation, you have options. We can help remove your tattoos effectively as the world's best laser tattoo removal, allowing you to join and be promoted within the branch.