National Guard Tattoo Policy

Can You Have Tattoos In The National Guard?

Recruits for the Army National Guard and Air National Guard should follow the same appearance, grooming standards and moral character as any “full-time” active-duty recruit would be expected to follow. Tattoo policies became less stringent during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to open up the option for more recruits to join. Today, more millennials are also opting for body art, so policies have been again re-examined to open the doors to more recruits.

Despite some of these changes, when it comes to tattoos, the National Guard still sets clear policies.

  • The US National Guard does not limit the number of tattoos you can have.
  • Recruits cannot have tattoos on their wrists, hands, neck or face.
  • The singular exception to the hand rule is allowing one ring tattoo per hand.
  • Under no circumstances will any tattoos that could be considered sexist, racist, extremist or indecent tattoos be allowed.

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