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Challenge #1 Overall Health

A major challenge we come across while removing tattoos is client health. When our clients are in optimal health the body can flush ink out faster than if they are unhealthy.

Unfortunately, this client is a smoker. Smoking can decrease ink loss per session up to 70%, due to the chemicals consumed through the lungs and the deoxidization of blood. While your body is doing its best to flush out toxins, it prioritizes the person’s overall health above the removal of unwanted ink.

Challenge #2 Skin Type

This client is Vietnamese, the abundance of melanin in her skin makes using the 532 wavelengths tricky. Black ink is easily addressed on any skin type with 1064 wavelength, however, yellow ink rarely responds. We address the yellow ink directly with the 532 wavelength, unfortunately for this client, the combination of a darker skin tone and a 532 wavelength would likely have left her with unsightly hyper and hypopigmentation. Luckily yellow tones tend to blend in easily after the black outline is removed.

Advantage #1 Tattoo Age

Luckily for this client, the age of the tattoo was advantageous. This 11-year-old arachnid had plenty of time for our client’s immune system to break down the ink. Through her body’s natural detoxification process the immune system attacks the large ink particles. Unfortunately, the ink particles are too big for the body to eliminate completely on its own. That’s why we use the laser to break down the ink and assist the immune system in its natural process.

Advantage #2 Tattoo Placement

Tattoo Placement is important, tattoos located in close proximity to major lymphatic glands. The neck, armpit, elbow, back of knee and groin are removed faster than tattoos located on extremities. The scorpion tattoos location on our client’s inner thigh allows for easier disposal of the unwanted ink particulates.

How to Remove Thigh Tattoos

This scorpion tattoo stood no chance against the Revlite SI. This q-switch laser utilized a highly effective 1064 wavelength. It can quickly and effectively remove tattoos on all skin types. This particular laser uses photothermal action known as selective photothermolysis to break down unwanted ink while leaving surrounding tissue intact. Selective photothermolysis has innovated the tattoo removal industry and allows for tattoo removal without scaring.

Thigh Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Even with a tricky skin type, this client maintained amazing skin integrity through her removal process. We advise everyone to avoid any and all sun exposure pre and post treatments, when done the chance of pigmentation change, drops dramatically. Vitamin E oil is also suggested to help maintain the skins natural barriers and protect itself against the continued application of lasers. This client followed these few simple suggestions to achieve the most clearance in the shortest amount of time.

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