Micropigmentation Tattoo Removal

We understand there are a lot of reasons you may want to remove a cosmetic tattoo. Whether you want to remove facial tattoos, Scalp micropigmentation, hairline tattoos or facial micropigmentation, the laser specialists at Removery can help.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a type of (permanent makeup) tattoo applied on the head or hairline to give the appearance of having thicker or full hair. It is most often a tattoo seen on men, though some women who have alopecia have also opted to have this procedure performed.

Clients who seek the removal of their micropigmentation tattoos usually do so because the tattoo has turned blue or green or is uneven and blotchy. Others believe the tattooed hairline looks unnatural because it may look too perfect or hair loss has continued beyond the hairline.

The scalp is a sensitive area, a pico laser is usually the best solution to remove micropigmentation tattoos.

Facial Hair Micropigmentation

Facial hair micropigmentation is a tattoo on the face that enhances the skin under your beard to give a thicker, fuller look.

Most clients who choose to remove facial hair tattoos claim that, like scalp micropigmentation, the hairline either looks too perfect or too bold and unnatural.  

Similar to eyebrow tattoo removal, micropigmentation tattoos can be removed with a laser.

Micropigmentation Tattoo Before and After Gallery

Removery specializes in micropigmentation tattoo removal on the scalp and face.

Hairline Tattoo Removal
Scalp Micropigmentation Removal

Micropigmentation tattoo Removal FAQ

Micropigmentation cost

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Areola Tattoo Removal

Women who have had breast removal or reconstruction performed sometimes get an areola tattooed when they lose their natural one. Unfortunately, this tattoo is often performed by a doctor or other specialist who has no background in applying tattoos and the results can look very unnatural. Due to the very sensitive nature of this area of the body, special care must be taken to remove areola tattoos with the right lasers. Most of our clients choose to have newer, more realistic areola tattoos reapplied by a specialist who is trained to apply areola and other natural-toned tattoos.