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Published: 09.02.2022
Updated: 02.06.2024
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Bill Kwan, Dermatologist

What is a Tattoo Cover Up?

Go big or go home, a slogan that we’ve all used and heard, is often talked about in tattoo shops. In fact, most tattoo artists will discourage those who want to reduce the size of the tattoo because over time, larger tattoos tend to age better. When it comes to cover up tattoos, the old slogan holds a lot of truth, too. Bigger tattoos almost always make better cover ups, but those cover ups still might have some compromise. Removery offers solutions for large tattoo cover up and large black cover up tattoo services that will reduce the level of compromise and allow your artist to do their very best work. What is a Tattoo Cover Up?

Large Tattoo Removal Vs. Tattoo Cover Up

It’s often thought that the larger the tattoo, the slower it fades, and the longer laser tattoo removal will take. This isn’t true, as a quarter sized tattoo with the same line density and pigment saturation will fade at the same rate as a tattoo the size of an iPad, all things being equal.

An interesting aspect of tattoo removal treatments is that one need not actually remove their tattoo, rather through less treatments they can simply fade the tattoo. With the reduction of ink in the skin and an overall lightness to the remaining ink, the constraints a tattoo artist might have with a large cover up tattoo start to minimize.

The tattoo removal or cover up question doesn’t have to be an absolute, rather it can actually be both. With as little as 2-4 treatments most tattoos will be faded enough to do large cover ups with less compromise, resulting in a piece of art that’s more enjoyable. A straight cover up may in fact hide the old tattoo with something new, but if the wearer doesn’t love it, does it really serve the best purpose?

Tattoo Cover Up Process


  • No longer love the tattoo and want a change
  • Consult with a tattoo artist to discuss options
  • Understand the limitations of a large cover up tattoo without laser
  • Book a consultation with Removery to discuss fading for a cover up
  • Start laser tattoo removal treatments
  • Check in with your artist 2-3 months after each treatment
  • When the artist is happy with the fading, book the tattoo appointment
  • LOVE your new tattoo!


Benefits of Covering Up Your Tattoo

A bad haircut can be resolved with a hat, scarf or revisit to the stylist or barber. Time will always help a bad haircut grow out. A tattoo that you fall out of love with can’t be fixed so easily. When covering up a tattoo it removes the look from the body and enables forward movement with life. Many have expressed a weight off their shoulders, a new found feeling of confidence and a pep in their step, finally happy with the art that lives with them in their skin.

Factors Affecting Your Tattoo Cover Up

A multitude of factors will play a role in your cover up tattoo plans, here’s a breakdown:

Tattoo Age

Older tattoos don’t have the benefits of modern pigments or advanced tattoo machines, they tend to be less dense and less saturated. This makes both laser tattoo removal treatments easier and cove up tattoos more forgiving.

Tattoo Colors

Black tribal can rarely be covered successfully with anything but more black ink. Yellow on the other hand is extremely difficult to remove but can more easily be covered by rich, vibrant colors, and black. Your existing tattoo colors will dictate what can and cannot be covered.

Tattoo Size

Size matters. A small tattoo can be covered by a medium or large tattoo however a large tattoo cannot be covered by a small or medium tattoo. The total coverage of the tattoo almost always needs to be equal to the existing tattoo, but usually larger. This becomes extremely important on areas of the body when going bigger isn’t possible, like hands, fingers, and feet.

Tattoo Design

The existing tattoo will often dictate the ability of the larger cover up based on design. Again, tribal tattoos can’t easily be covered with black and grey realism pieces, but black and grey realism pieces can be more easily covered by bright, bold, and vibrant neo-traditional tattoos.

Like size and color, the new tattoo design will be somewhat dictated by the existing, unwanted tattoo.

The experienced team at Removery are very aware of all these factors and during consultations will go beyond laser tattoo removal education and explanation, but what your future goals are for tattooing. Knowing where you are wanting to go help us get you there with our amazing training and fantastic results.

Large Tattoo Cover Up by Removery Artists: Before and After

Want to see more tattoo cover up before and after images? We have an extensive collection right on our website.

Partner Up With a Tattoo Artist

Not every tattoo artist is a coverup artist, it’s important to meet with those who inspire you to find out if they will take on your project. Once you find an artist who also does cover ups, the real work can start.

Be sure to explain clearly and with detail what your goals are with the cover up tattoo, including size, colors, details, and elements that should be included and listen to their feedback about what can be accomplished.

Tattoo artists as a whole want to provide you with their best work, so an open line of communication is key to a successful cover up. Find out how much fading needs to occur to reach your goals and check in with them to show the progress of tattoo removal treatments, such as a large back tattoo cover up.

Our Large Tattoo Cover Up Services

Removery offers the following tattoo cover up services for large tattoos:

  1. Large back tattoo cover up
  2. Large tribal tattoo cover up
  3. Large scar tattoo cover up
  4. Large foot tattoo cover up
  5. Large lower back tattoo cover up
  6. Large forearm cover up tattoo
  7. Large chest tattoo cover up
  8. Large shoulder tattoo cover up
  9. Large name cover up tattoo
  10. And much more!


Book a Coverup Consultation

Large tattoo cover up will yield the best results when some level of fading happens, first. Get the ball rolling with a tattoo removal consultation at Removery. Our experienced team will listen to your needs, discuss some options, and get your tattoo fading started so you can get the cover up tattoo of your dreams, without compromise.

Still unsure about tattoo cover up? Check out how to choose a cover up tattoo. See more about dark tattoo cover up, and can you tattoo over a removed tattoo?

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