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Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney Australia

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Published: 01.09.2024

Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney Australia

Get rid of a faded and unwanted tattoo at one of Removery’s tattoo removal studios in Sydney, Australia. Their beautiful, spacious locations feature state-of-the-art laser technology that effectively removes the most stubborn ink. Stop living with a tattoo you regret and schedule a free consultation with a professional laser technician at Removery. Each studio offers convenient parking and access to public transport. Realise your dreams of tattoo-free skin at one of Removery’s Sydney laser tattoo removal locations.

Sydney – Parramatta

Sydney – Miranda

Sydney – Cremorne

Start Your Tattoo Removal Journey at One of Our Sydney Locations

Are you ready to say goodbye to an old tattoo? Start your laser tattoo removal journey at Removery! With convenient locations in Western Sydney, South Sydney, and Lower North Shore, getting rid of unwanted ink is easier than ever. Visit a Removery studio for a free consultation from one of their friendly and knowledgeable tattoo removal specialists. The technician will outline a treatment plan and what to expect during laser sessions. You can even get started the same day as your consultation! Call today to schedule an appointment at a Removery laser tattoo removal studio.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work

Laser tattoo removal is the only treatment option to fully eliminate unwanted ink. Removery’s laser sessions are quick, and the results are unmatched!

Tattoo Removal Consultation

Removery uses state-of-the-art laser technology to blast away unwanted tattoos. However, treatment plans vary based on your tattoo’s size, colour, and placement. Removery offers free client consultations. A laser tattoo removal specialist evaluates your tattoo, explains what to expect during treatment sessions, and offers payment options. The consultation is all about you, so don’t be shy! Share your goals with the Removery team and ask all your questions. 

Tattoo Removal Treatment

Every tattoo removal session starts with skin prep. Contrary to popular belief, laser treatments are not painful! Most clients compare the feeling to a rubber band snapping against their skin. However, Removery goes above and beyond to ensure laser tattoo removal is as comfortable as possible.

First, your technician will thoroughly clean your tattoo and ice the area for 3-5 minutes to mildly numb the skin. Then they will test a few spots of the tattoo with the laser to ensure the settings are correct. Now it’s time to blast away ink! 

Laser tattoo removal sessions generally last between 15 seconds and 5 minutes, depending on your tattoo’s size, colour, and placement. A Cryo6 Zimmer cooling machine blows cool air on your skin throughout the treatment to reduce discomfort.

Tattoo Removal Aftercare & Results

Removery recommends scheduling tattoo removal treatments 6-8 weeks apart. After your appointment, make sure to schedule your next treatment to stay on track! On average, complete ink removal takes 8-12 sessions, so don’t wait to make your next appointment. 

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove unwanted ink permanently, but the results are not immediate! The powerful Picoway’s laser will break ink molecules down into tiny particles that can be naturally processed through your immune system. After your first treatment, you can expect to notice some tattoo fading. Keep out of the sun and follow the technician’s aftercare recommendations for the best results!

Tattoo Removal Treatment: Removery Uses PicoWay, the Leading Laser Technology

What makes Removery different from other laser tattoo removal studios? State-of-the-art technology! Removery only uses PicoWay laser – the most effective equipment available for tattoo removal. Dense black ink is the hardest to remove, but the PicoWay gets results within the first few sessions. In addition, PicoWay tattoo removal effectively erases all ink colours, including green, blue, red, and purple. This top-of-the-line laser tattoo removal technology operates at three different wavelengths to deliver reliable and amazing results! So if you are looking for an effective tattoo removal treatment, PicoWay laser sessions are the best choice.

Meet Our Tattoo Removal Studios in Sydney

Tattoo Removal in Parramatta

Removery’s Parramatta studio is conveniently located inside the Westfield Parramatta shopping centre in the bustling Parramatta Central Business District. This laser tattoo removal location is highly accessible and within 5 minutes’ walking distance from the bus terminals and train station. Or take advantage of four hours of free car parking inside the centre! The Parramatta Removery studio is on the first level and neighbours Rebel Sport.  

Tattoo Removal in Miranda

Are you looking for tattoo removal in South Sydney? Check out Removery’s Miranda tattoo removal studio located in the heart of the Sutherland Shire, connecting Sydney to the South Coast. Removery is located on the 3rd level of the Westfield Miranda Shopping Centre, just around the corner from Kmart. The centre’s car park makes getting to the laser tattoo removal studio easy. After your appointment, grab a bite to eat at the restaurant dining precinct and visit top eateries like Fratelli Fresh and Kana Sushi Miranda. 

Tattoo Removal in Cremorne

Conveniently located on Military Road, Removery’s tattoo removal studio in Cremorne is ready to help you start your tattoo removal journey. Neighbours with Hayden Orpheum cinema, the Cremorne location is easy to find. Street parking is available nearby, and there is a car park right behind the Removery studio. There is also a bus stop within minutes walking distance from the studio.

Make the most of your visit and stop by one of the many delicious eateries in the area. We recommend grabbing the best coffee in the area from Shot on Military Cafe, located across the road from the Removery studio. Or make lunch and dinner plans at Restaurant Toshiya to taste their renowned Japanese cuisine. 

Sydney Tattoo Removal Reviews

Sydney relies on Removery for effective tattoo laser removal. Each location has overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and tattoo removal testimonials. Comments praise the friendly staff, reliable results, and flexible treatment options. For example, check out this Sydney client feedback accompanying five-star reviews:

Cremorne Tattoo Removal Studio: “Amazing service right from the start (booking online). Awesome product knowledge and show great empathy towards what you are wanting to achieve. A number of payment options to suit everyone’s budget. I’m very happy I picked this company. Big shout out to the staff too, they were great.” – Jason M

Parramatta Tattoo Removal Studio: “Extremely professional, safe and caring staff. Thoroughly answering all my questions and making the experience as comfortable physically and psychologically as possible. They clearly talk you through all the steps and offered a detailed aftercare plan. I was really impressed with the treatment and facilities, everything was immaculately clean. I also felt the pricing was reasonable. Laser is not as painful as people make it out to be! Definitely worth it to be rid of a bad tattoo.  If you have something you regret, this is a wonderful place to ameliorate that.” – Alasdair B

Miranda Tattoo Removal Studio: “I’ve had two sessions now with Removery Miranda for laser tattoo removal. Both times were extremely professional, and the techs made sure that I was comfortable and understood the entire process. I’m really grateful that I’ve found these guys, and recommend them to anybody who wants to get rid of unwanted tattoos. Thank you!” – Jesca B

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

Can tattoos be 100% removed?

Most tattoos can be 100% removed. Schedule a complimentary consultation with a Removery laser technician to get realistic expectations based on your unique tattoo. Factors that can impact a complete removal of a tattoo are ink colours, ink density, skin type, placement, and overall health. 

How much does it cost to remove a tattoo fully?

Complete laser tattoo removal pricing varies based on the size of the piece and treatment goal. For example, many clients use Removery’s services to fade old ink in preparation for a cover-up tattoo. This process requires fewer sessions and is less expensive than getting a tattoo 100% removed. However, regardless if you want a tattoo gone for good or just faded, Removery offers convenient payment plans to suit your budget. 

How long will tattoo removal sessions take?

Sessions of laser tattoo removal treatments can take as little as 15 seconds! From start to finish, expect to spend 15-20 minutes in the studio, including prep, icing, lasering, and appointment booking. Removery’s tattoo removal process is so quick you can schedule a treatment session during your lunch break!

How many locations do you have in Sydney?

Removery has three convenient laser tattoo removal studios. Visit locations in Western Sydney, South Sydney, and the Lower North Shore. All Removery studios offer plenty of parking and exceptional staff! 

Who performs the tattoo removal at your Sydney Clinics?

Meet the Parramatta tattoo removal team: Kate, Jess, Monica, and Eve. This Removery studio is located in Westfield Parramatta near Rebel Sport. Kate leads the team in Parramatta, and all technicians have 160 hours of rigorous training in laser technology, safety, and tattoo removal. The Removery Parramatta tattoo removal studio is open seven days a week for treatments and consultations.

Visit Svetlana at the Miranda tattoo removal studio! Conveniently located in Westfield Miranda near Kmart, this Removery studio is open Tuesday-Saturday for tattoo removal treatments and consultations. Svetlana has participated in 160 hours of rigorous, focused laser tattoo removal training in laser technology and safety.

Are you looking for tattoo removal services in Cremorne? Visit the Removery studio on Military Road near the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace. This conveniently located laser tattoo removal studio is run by professional technician Damian. He is passionate about helping you reach your tattoo removal goals and has undergone 160 hours of training on laser technology, safety, and tattoo removal.


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