Should you shave before tattoo removal?

Yes, and it’s important to shave the day before your laser session and not on the same day.


Why should I shave before tattoo removal?

When it comes to your tattoo removal, you want everything to be right. Because when it comes to your skin – every detail is important.

In general you should shave before your tattoo removal so that the area for your removal is free of any obstruction.

Shaving also prevents the smell of burning hair during your laser session and any damage that could be done to your hair follicles.

However, your skin is sensitive after shaving and the pores of your skin remain open for some time. Therefore, it’s better to shave the day before your laser session so that your pores will have closed and the area of shaved skin is less sensitive.

When you shave the day before, your skin will be less sensitive and will heal faster from the removal process.

Remember: shave the area of removal on the day before your scheduled laser session.


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