It does not mean that your tattoo is getting darker, and is a very normal part of the removal process. Counterintuitively, your tattoo is still fading even if it looks more vibrant. In fact, it means you are well on your way to clear, tattoo-free skin, as we will explain below.

A great way to visualize what is going on internally with the laser tattoo removal process is to imagine looking at a rocky beach. The rocks on the beach represent the ink in your tattoo and each time you come in for a session, we break up the top layers of those rocks (large particles of ink) into sand (tiny particles of ink). The tide (your immune system) then clears away the sand, exposing the next layer of rocks. At your next treatment we target the next layer of rocks, and so on and so forth until all that is left is the final layer of sand which your immune system will clear away, leaving you ink-free.

This is exactly what’s happening with your tattoo! Your tattoo appears more vibrant because we have turned a lot of the larger ink particles in the top layers of your tattoo into sand, which covers a larger surface area and appears more dense than the “rocks” of ink.

Rest assured your immune system is hard at work clearing away those smaller particles, the “sand”, and each time you come in we will target those larger “rocks” of ink breaking more and more of the tattoo into that easily cleared sand. Sometimes it can take several sessions before you see any meaningful fading because of this effect.

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