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Vol 1: Top 17 Frosting Tattoo Removal Videos

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What is tattoo removal frosting? Learn more about frosting and see the top 17 frosting videos in this article.

What is Frosting in Tattoo Removal?

Frosting is a natural reaction that occurs when the laser hits the tattoo ink. It’s a reaction that goes away quickly. The tattoo frosts due to the laser-blasting the ink particles into tiny pieces for your body to flush. Then the tattoo returns to normal to start the removal process.

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Frosting Last?

In this article, we’ll show you our top 17 frosting tattoo removal videos and answer some of your commonly asked questions about tattoo removal.

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DC Frosting Tattoo Removal

When gnar isn’t life anymore. Check out how oddly satisfying that frosting is!⚡
Q: Does laser tattoo removal cause scarring?
A: No, it does not. We know that the white frost looks intimidating, but it goes away after a few minutes. Luckily laser tattoo removal does not cause scarring, and we have aftercare protocols to ensure your tattoo is healing properly.

Full Face Frosting Tattoo Removal

Client Farrah Flawless sat like a rock for this full-face removal session! Read more about Farrah Flawless: Behind the Ink.
Q: How much does laser tattoo removal cost?
The price of removal depends on the size of your tattoo! We base our pricing on square inches. You can check out our pricing guide here or fill out the estimate form below to talk with a removal expert today.

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Van Gogh Frosting Tattoo Removal

Have a classic starry night-inspired tattoo?⭐ With that frosting reaction, that’ll be a Van Gone tattoo before you know it! (Ba Dum Tss)
Q: Can you remove color tattoos?

A: Yes! As you can see in the video above, we can remove color tattoos. Our laser technology has the capability to remove color tattoos from across the visible light spectrum.

Eyebrow Frosting Tattoo Removal

Removery’s INK-nitiative program removes tattoos from the hands, neck, and face for free for those who were formerly incarcerated, ex-gang members, victims of human trafficking or domestic abuse, and for those who wish to remove hate-based tattoos. Learn more about the INK-nitiative program here.
Q: Can you remove cosmetic tattoos?

A: We can remove cosmetic ink such as eyebrow or scalp micro-blading. Other cosmetic tattoos such as permanent lip liner or eyeliner can not be treated. Learn more about eyebrow tattoo removal here.

Tribal Sun Frosting Tattoo Removal

Who doesn’t want a sun tattoo? ☀ Unfortunately, tribal tattoos are out and micro tattoos are in. This tribal tattoo had a great frosting reaction due to the density of the ink.
Q: Does ink density play a factor?

A: Yes, ink density will play a factor in how many sessions you can expect to receive for complete removal. Typically the more dense a tattoo is, the more sessions it will take to remove and the less dense a tattoo is, the fewer amount of sessions will be needed for complete removal. For example, a tattoo that is primarily shading will likely have fewer removal sessions than a dense tribal sun tattoo.

Smiley Frosting Tattoo Removal

Did you change your mind after getting that one spontaneous tattoo? That’s okay, you can watch that tattoo melt away with these frosting results!😉
Q: What’s the easiest spot to remove?

A: Typically tattoos closer to the heart are considered to be the best placement to see quicker removal results. Closer to the heart means that there is more circulation to flush out the tattoo vs a tattoo on the foot that is further from the heart.

Hamsa Frosting Tattoo Removal

Placement matters! You can have a really cool tattoo but if it’s not in the right spot, it can be frustrating to have on your body daily. ✋
Q: Can I replace the old tattoo with a new one?

A: Yes! You can fade or completely remove your tattoo and replace it with new ink. Check out our cover up page to learn more and see our top 18 tattoo cover ups- post tattoo removal.

Chin Frosting Tattoo Removal

Can you guess what that tattoo says?🧐 Not with that frosting reaction! It’s oddly satisfying.
Q: Does tattoo removal hurt?

A: It’s comparable to getting a tattoo and placement matters when it comes to pain. On average, most clients say that it feels like rubber bands snapping or it’s annoying like the popping of bacon grease. Check out our tattoo pain chart to learn more.

Crown Frosting Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal ASMR? The crown goes to this frosting video👑
Q: Can you remove tattoos from anywhere?

A: Yes! We can remove tattoos from virtually any part of the body! With the exception of tattoos within the orbital bone.

Deathly Hallows Frosting Tattoo Removal

Harry Potter fans for life right? It’s okay to remove that deathly Hallows tattoo, we know you’re not a muggle on the inside. See that tattoo magically disappear….Evanesco!🔮
Q: How long does tattoo removal take?

A: On average it takes around 10-12 sessions to see complete removal results. The laser only breaks the ink particles apart into tiny pieces for your immune system to naturally flush. It takes time and continued sessions to see complete removal results.

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Hocus Porkus Frosting Tattoo Removal

Does it smell like bacon? Nah, that’s just Hocus Porkus being magically erased! See this little piggy frost all the way gone.
Q: Does it smell like it’s burning?

A: No! Tattoo removal does not create an odor. It’s a noninvasive procedure that does not burn the skin and therefore does not create a smell. Hocus Porkus will not smell like bacon after all.

Dragon Frosting Tattoo Removal

When you’re proud to have been born the year of the Dragon 🐲 Come to find out you were mistaken… It’s okay! We’ve got you covered.
Q: Does the laser burn the tattoo off?

A: No! Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive treatment that does not burn or cause scarring to the surrounding tissue. Minor after-effects such as bruising, swelling, or blistering could occur to the treated tattoo. Although, we have aftercare protocols to help reduce any after-effects.

Dark Skin Type Frosting Tattoo Removal

Tired of your old ink? You can come in to get it removed for a fresh start. You can book a free consultation at a location near you. ⚡
Q: Can you remove tattoos from dark skin?

A: Yes! We can remove tattoos from all skin types. Certain colors may be difficult to remove depending on your skin type. We use the Fitzpatrick scale to determine what tattoo color can be removed from different skin types. See our skin tone chart here to determine if your tattoo can be removed.

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Rose Frosting Tattoo Removal

Roses are classic🌹 But classics do fade away, just like this tattoo! Check out that frost.
Q: Can I remove my tattoo if I’m pregnant?

A: Unfortunately, we can not treat your tattoo if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Once you have completed those stages, we can treat your tattoo.

Puma Frosting Tattoo Removal

Who doesn’t love an American Traditional Puma? Things change and that’s okay. We understand wanting a fresh start! Watch this dense tattoo ASMR⚡
Q: Will that tattoo go away in one session?

A: Likely not, tattoo removal is a process that typically takes around 10-12 sessions to see complete removal results. Frosting often looks like the tattoo is being magically erased at the moment, but it’s actually a sign that the process is starting. After a few minutes, the frosting will dissipate and the tattoo over time will frost less and fade more.

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There you have it, the top 17 frosting tattoo removal videos! Have any old tattoos that need to be faded or completely removed? Book a free tattoo removal consultation with Removery today!

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