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Removery is the largest specialized provider of laser tattoo removal in the world. We’re here to guide you through your entire tattoo removal process. The first appointment will be a no-commitment consultation. During this appointment, we will get to know you and your tattoo(s). One of our skilled tattoo removal specialists will evaluate your ink and review our tattoo removal process in detail. We will also use this appointment to review medical history and determine the number of sessions required.

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    • We are located next to the Xfinity store facing Excelsior Blvd.

Need Tattoos Removed in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN?

Things change. So does how we feel about our tattoos. At Removery, we know because we’ve been there. If you are ready for tattoo removal, our highly trained Minneapolis specialists are here to help. Our PicoWay® laser systems are faster, more comfortable, and require fewer treatments on all types of tattoos. You will be totally at ease with our team every step of the way.

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St. Louis Park Reviews

I always assumed that it would be much too expensive to get tattoo removal services on a tattoo-gone-wrong, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Removery makes it very accessible for even a full-time college student budget! The entire process has been profoundly easy considering the headache that is needing the service in the first place. The staff and technicians are friendly, professional and so timely! I never have to wait for my appointment and am in-and-out quicker than it takes to actually drive to each appointment! I would definitely recommend Removery if you’re considering tattoo removal— Ive been so grateful to how effortless the process has been 🤗

Leah B.

The staff at Removery in St. Louis Park are great. They explained the process and procedures in detail when we started, have reminded me of all of the care steps and inquired about my progress throughout every phase of my tattoo removal. I actually look forward to my appointments with them, which probably seems odd, because the procedure does hurt a little, but they’re just great people! My tattoo is fading as expected, and I’m very happy with my purchased a package and service!

Aaron A.

I’m a tattoo artist and I’ve been going to Removery for all my tattoo removal needs for 2 years or more! They always do a great job, I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen personally. I always recommend to my clients to get removal over coverup tattoos because it gives much more flexibility for a future design that a client and tattooer may be much happier with. It is definitely a process and in most cases takes multiple sessions for removal but is so worth it! Each session of removal is so quick too! Highly recommend! ☺️

Andrea B.

Before And After Tattoo Removal

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The number of removal sessions needed will vary depending on your overall health and composition of your tattoos. It usually takes between 10-12 sessions in order to remove a tattoo completely. If you are looking to fade your tattoo for a cover up piece, we estimate 2-4 sessions depending on the artist and cover up artwork. We consult with many of the top tattoo artists in the Minneapolis area. Contact us to find out more.

Before Lower Back Tattoo Removal
After Lower Back Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal Neck Before Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Neck After Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Chest Before
Laser Tattoo Removal Chest After
Laser Tattoo Removal Lower Back Before Photo
Laser Tattoo Removal Lower Back After Photo
Tattoo Removal Upper Arm Before Photo
Tattoo Removal Upper Arm After Photo

Removing Your Tattoo is Simple with Removery

We have decades of collective experience, and there is no one better to trust with your skin. Our professionals at the St. Louis Park location make laser tattoo removal simple, easy, and effective. Schedule your first no-commitment treatment and let the specialists in Minneapolis/St. Paul provide you with the highest quality service and care at every stage of your journey.