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Is the I Love Jake Paul tattoo on Tyron Woodley real?

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Published: 06.06.2022
Updated: 02.06.2024

Yes, the I Love Jake Paul tattoo is real.

After losing a boxing match to Youtube star Jake Paul, Tyrone Woodley promised to get a tattoo with the words “I love Jake Paul.”

This was supposedly part of a deal to secure a rematch.

Woodley posted what looks like a tattoo with those words on his Instagram, and regardless of whether you think getting it was a wise idea, you have to admit he chose just about the right place to put it.

The post has a lot of people calling Woodley out, even saying the tattoo is fake.

Hey, we prefer to take people at their word, so I won’t comment on whether or not I think the tattoo is real, but…

Do you think anyone would get a tattoo like this if tattoo removal wasn’t a thing?

Thankfully, tattoo removal is a thing, and it works.

At Removery we take you at your word, and there are no judgments – even if you have an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo as well.

If there’s a tattoo that you want to get rid of, or a tattoo that you need lightened for a cover up, give us a call and set up an appointment today!

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